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How do online Bingo sites win market share?

by Guest Sponsor
Special to Bingo Bugle

If you stop to think about it – it could be perceived that all online Bingo sites are largely the same. After all, Bingo is a game of pure chance and there are laws governing the operation of such sites – to ensure that no games can ever be fixed to maximise income etc. So is there anything to choose between the alternatives?
The short answer is “yes” in terms of initial promotions and rewards for new members etc.  As an example, the fast-growing Jackpotjoy site offers new members £30 for £10 deposited. It also offers £20 for recommending new members. The offers are real and genuine and you do get something for nothing.
But when the offers have run out – what then? Is there really much difference between the various well-known sites? Again, the answer seems to be a resounding “yes” but this is mainly to do with keeping up your level of interest.
If you keep playing the same games continually, there is a chance you’ll get bored. Having said that, some customers positively welcome monotony in the Bingo they play – so there really is no “one size fits all” approach here.  If we go back to Jackpotjoy again you’ll soon see that its nine different online Bingo offerings offer something for everyone which may help explain why it’s growing so quickly.
To be successful, any Bingo website has to appeal to two very different audiences at the same time; namely, the old traditional Bingo audience and the modern user who may play a game or two whilst doing other things online – or maybe even working. After all, online Bingo needn’t demand high levels of concentration – it all depends how you want to play. You can even play for nothing with Jackpotjoy if you’re just playing for the sheer fun of the game.
And that’s the magic word for many new players today – “fun”. Today’s newcomers to Bingo want to have a little fun online whilst doing other things – yet still have the chance of landing a big cash prize. And many of Jackpotjoy’s big cash Bingo prizes regularly run into many tens of thousands of pounds – so there’s a real possibility of a little dabble turning into a life-changing experience. And if not, well … you’ve been thoroughly entertained by the creativity of the games along the way – all for what is a very small outlay for most players.

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