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About Bingo Bugle

Bingo is a world-wide phenomenon

It’s played on every continent and in nearly every country on earth. One day a week the entire country of Sweden comes to a stop while a national Bingo game is played via TV; tiny villages in Central American rainforests boast nightly Bingo games; not to mention the huge number of Bingo games played in North America. Bingo may just be the most popular game in the world.

But it’s more than just fun; Bingo delivers millions and millions of dollars each year to charitable organizations. From church groups to international organizations, Bingo lends more than a helping hand, it supplies the cold hard cash necessary to make a real difference.

With a circulation of well over one million, the Bingo Bugle is committed to serving all forms of Bingo, from the smallest local game to the largest high-stakes hall. Each local publisher of the Bingo Bugle is THE expert on Bingo and Bingo games in that area; a local edition, with unique schedules and content, can be found wherever Bingo is played, and many other high-traffic locations.

If you operate a game, give your local Bingo Bugle publisher a call and see what they can do to help make your game the best it can be.