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Winners Circle Report

by Gayle Mitchell
Special to Bingo Bugle

“I Won the Jackpot” is the sound of dreams coming true. With the ever-increasing progressive jackpots offered by casinos, the Big Hits are what we seek. This report details four of these winning stories from the lucky winners. It is interesting that the first two winning tales occurred on different dates, different slot machines at casinos far apart, yet both are almost equal in winnings. Curious, yes? Enjoy your read.

1) Super Wedding to Come
Colin Savage of Lowestoft England was visiting Vegas for the first time with his fiancée, Tina French and made stop at the Bellagio Casino. He chose a Quartermillion$ progressive that was soon to pay out $596,149. “I put $100 in the machine, but only planned on playing $20,” said Savage. “We are going to pay off the mortgage and then have a fantastic wedding. “This still has not sunk in. It’s truly unbelievable.”

2) Locked in a Win
Jane Schwaegerl, a nurse from LaCross, WI, related her winning strategy after hitting a $595,109 Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot at a dollar machine. “If I am successful on other machines, I try the 3X slot to see if I can win more and this time it worked. It was unreal.” “I realized that the other machines scrolling numbers had changed and my machine locked on the winning amount.” Schwaegerl had played about $100 at the Majestic Pines Casino in Black River Falls, WI. There will definitely be presents for the grandchildren and Jane plans to invest the rest.

3) A Rewarding Detour

Sharon Haggard, 54, of Oakdale, CA is a legal assistant who stopped in Reno with her sister during a road trip. Upon arrival at the Grand Sierra Casino, a 50-cent Wheel of Fortune progressive was selected along with a wager of $100. The casino is a favorite stop for Haggard and her husband who compete for slot winnings. It will be difficult for her hubby to top Sharon’s Megajackpot win of $1,595,843. As she stated, “Mama’s got her mojo back.” The future does not include retirement for the new millionaire, but assisting her mother, son and daughter is a definite plan.

4) She Returned to the Wheel

The anonymous winner from Las Vegas explained her huge payday of $6,978,753. this way, “I had decided to walk away from the machine, but after a while, I opted to come back and play one more time. That was the best decision I every made. This is a dream come true.”   Before walking away, she had asked a man at the Orleans Casino in Vegas sitting next to her how she would know if she won the jackpot. “He told me to keep an eye on the middle line and watch for five Wheel of Fortune signs all lined up in a row,” said the 52-year-old Korean native. Future plans include paying off her car and house, helping her children-grandchildren and donating to her church.

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