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Unidentified Flying Objects




Dear Dream Catcher

I guess this is an odd dream for a 57-year-old woman to have. I’m really eager to hear what you think. In the dream I’m Little Red Riding Hood. Yes, the very same one from the popular children’s story. Just like in the fairytale I am going through the woods on my way to my grandmother’s house. So all of that is just like the usual story. But then things go crazy. As I start to approach my grandmother’s house I start to feel frightened. But I keep moving forward anyway. Just as I get to my grandmother’s mailbox and out of nowhere a flying saucer appears and lowers itself to about four feet above my head. And then I wake up. I could not get back to sleep after this dream. Please help me understand it.

Carole K., New York, NY


Hello Carole,

Thank you for submitting your dream. It is not unusual in the least for characters from legendary stories, myths, movies or fairytales to appear in our dreams. Or for some of us to become one of the famous characters, as you did with Little Red. That you were playing out the very same narrative as the classic story tells me that your dream was setting you up, as dreams will do, for the impact and influence that arrived with the shock of the flying saucer. In other words, the key elements of the dream were in place to convey the importance of your journey. The journey being one of discovery and the conquering of primitive fears (the wolf). When you registered fear in your dream, but continued onward, that was the dream’s way of showing you that you have the strength of character for an extraterrestrial encounter. The great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung believed that our culture’s fascination with flying saucers was related to a strong desire within each of us to make contact with our Higher or transcendent self. And he saw the saucer’s circular and glowing shape as a symbol of unity and wholeness within the psyche. And I would echo this as it relates to your dream. Instead of encountering a wolf (a general dream symbol representing our animal instincts and behavior) you instead made a more daring leap; an encounter with your divine sense of Self. And you’ll live happily ever after! —Dream Catcher


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