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Lion Hearted


Dear Dream Catcher,

Last night I had an amazing dream where I came face to face with an enormous lion. The lion’s color was olive green, and the light in the dream was a dull olive too. The lion slowly moved closer and I prayed he wasn’t going to bite me. He got so close he grazed my lip, but then he backed off and I felt some relief. He paused for a few moments and then with his front paws he punched me hard in the chest. And then he punched me again, this time right over my heart. And this second punch woke me up. The dream stayed with me all day, not like a nightmare, but it just gave me an odd, puzzled feeling. Any insights you can share would be appreciated.

Rachel M., Chicago, IL


Dear Rachel

What struck me in your dream was the color of the lion, he looked “olive green” as you note. As I’ve mentioned in this column many times, there are thousands of different ways to unpack a dream but the surest way to start is by following first impressions. In other words, what of the dream’s imagery moves you the most or stays with you the longest–that image then becomes the message of the dream. The Sufi religion associates the color green with compassion and tenderness of the heart, that empathy we feel in the face of suffering; our own suffering or that of those close to us or in the world at large. The dream is quite possibly conveying to you the powerful quality of love that we channel when we view the world through a compassionate lens. Compassion grants us tremendous freedom because we are not defending any particular attitude or philosophy in life. The compassionate heart extends rather than contracts. And the lion in your dream is a powerful way of passing this message along to you. —Dream Catcher


Dear Dream Catcher

I started a new diet last month and ever since my dreams at night are making me crazy. And these aren’t dreams about eating a bunch of pizza or ice cream. (I wish that were the case!) No. These are dreams about being pregnant (I’m not married) and have no desire to have kids. In each successive dream my stomach is getting bigger and bigger and when I wake up I start praying that I will finally dream of giving birth so the dreams will stop. What is going on with me? Thank you.

Sandy T., Whittier, CA


Dear Sandy

Your dream imagery is certainly counterintuitive, but then that’s not surprising when it comes to dreams. Images we associate in one way during the daytime will often hold the exact opposite association at night. Perhaps your dream pregnancy is your body’s way of sending you deeper truths about your decision. Meaning, you are in an organic process that involves nourishment, discipline and the transformation of the cells that compose (and define) your body. Once you have reached your diet’s goal, the baby that will be born is you! Congratulations on your efforts to be healthier!


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