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Biggest Wave in the World


APRIL 2020


Dear Dream Catcher

I think I might be watching too much nightly news and visiting too many news sites on the Internet, which I must admit I’m finding to be more and more upsetting. But anyway, last night I had a dream that was something like a story you’d read about in an end of the world story. In the dream my husband and I were in our home but in different rooms. The odd thing was that our home was not located where we live in New York, it was perched high on a hill that overlooked an ocean. At some point in the dream I heard my husband call out for me and when I came to him he was he was pointing out a window toward the ocean where the biggest wave in the world was rushing towards us. Just as the wave crashed into our house I woke up. Needless to say I was shaking and very disturbed but also so happy and thankful to be in my home, safe and secure in my body. What do dreams like this mean, if anything?

Sally M., Brooklyn, NY


Hello Sally

Just like there have been stories and myths told about the creation of the world there have been dreams and visions about what the end of the world might be like. I think for many people the impression that is made upon us, when we are kids, about Noah and the flood and his life-saving ark is a story that leaves a strong impression on our imagination (regardless of our religious upbringing). And such a narrative can, seemingly out of nowhere, appear suddenly in our dreams (especially if we’re in a state of mind that feels unsafe or uncertain).

It is revealing that you begin your recounting by mentioning how disturbed you have been from reading and watching so much news. And it’s certainly true that we are living in incendiary times. That your dream itself begins with your home being placed up on a hill suggests to me that you are desirous of distancing yourself from the 24/7 news cycle. Follow this hint and cut back on how much news and information you are taking in each day. And yet, of course, there is the tidal wave and the destruction that it seems to usher in at the end of your dream. I say “seems” because just as the tidal wave touched your home you woke up. This is an important point in dream reading because the moment we awaken from a dream is the exact point where the dream has made its point or delivered its message. I believe the dream is offering you a clue that is important to pay attention to, and that is: That regardless how upsetting conditions in the outside world appear or feel you can always find a calm center when you put your attention on gratitude and what you are thankful for. I find that more and more people, because of media saturation, are losing touch with how benign life is in most cases; and yes, it’s true that calamitous events occur, but generally everyday life is fairly mundane and filled with beauty and kindness from others.


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