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Lucky Predictions for April 2015


ARIES: March 21 to April 20
1st thru 6th… Skip it.
7th thru 12th… Keep it coming to you the 8th$$
13th thru 18th… RED works 16th-17th!
19th thru 24th… An opportunity for 21st$$$
25th thru 30th… Nice surprise awaits you 25th-26th!

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21
1st thru 6th… Pull it together to win the 1st$$
7th thru 12th… GREEN’s your power color 11th$
13th thru 18th… Gamble near water and win 14th-15th!
19th thru 24th… Strongly favored the 24th$$
25th thru 30th… Give it your best shot 28th/29th$

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21
1st thru 6th… Going your way 3rd and 4th$$
7th thru 12th… PURPLE proves rewarding the 12th$$
13th thru 18th… Put your $$ on RED 16th-17th!$
19th thru 24th… Get busy the 21st!
25th thru 30th… Your fire is stoked 25th-26th$$!

CANCER: June 22 to July 22
1st thru 6th… Fully engaged to win 1st and 6th$
7th thru 12th… Back off from a bad dream.
13th thru 18th… Winning by osmosis 14th-15th$
19th thru 24th… Grounded in good fortune the 19th!$
25th thru 30th… Concentrate the 28th and win$

LEO: July 23 to Aug. 23
1st thru 6th… You know how to do it 3rd-4th!
7th thru 12th… Put it on RED 8th/9th$
13th thru 18th… You’re number one 16th-17th!
19th thru 24th… Some possibilities the 21st.
25th thru 30th… Make your friends proud the 26th!

VIRGO: Aug. 24 to Sept. 23
1st thru 6th… You can’t lose 1st-2nd$$
7th thru 12th… Smashing hard card 10th-11th!
13th thru 18th… Don’t bet on it.
19th thru 24th… Wait ‘til 23rd/24th to win$
25th thru 30th… Right up your alley the 28th!

LIBRA: Sept. 24 to Oct. 23
1st thru 6th… Odds are in your favor 3rd-4th!
7th thru 12th… Lookin’ great 8th/9th$$
13th thru 18th… Wise connections 12th-13th!$
19th thru 24th… GREEN/PURPLE best 21st$
25th thru 30th… Give it a go 26th-27th!

SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
1st thru 6th… Out of this world 1st/2nd$!!
7th thru 12th… Your pockets overflow 10th/11th$$
13th thru 18th… BLUE brings $$ 14th-15th!
19th thru 24th… Healthy win 23rd-24th$$
25th thru 30th… Slick strategy 28th/29th!

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
1st thru 6th… You can pull it off 3rd/4th$
7th thru 12th… Wake up and win the 8th!
13th thru 18th… Bet your bottom $ the 17th!
19th thru 24th… Hiatus.
25th thru 30th… Get back to biz-ness 25th-26th$$

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 20
1st thru 6th… Fabulous 1st and 6th!
7th thru 12th… You got it goin’ on 10th-11th!$
13th thru 18th… Uncanny luck 14th-15th$$
19th thru 24th… Better than most 18th-19th$!
25th thru 30th… You make it look easy 28th.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 to Feb. 19
1st thru 6th… Nicely done 3rd/4th!
7th thru 12th… You’re hot on RED the 8th!$
13th thru 18th… Be next in line 16th-17th!
19th thru 24th… Practice makes perfect the 21st$
25th thru 30th… It’s a breeze the 30th$$

PISCES: Feb. 20 to March 20
1st thru 6th… Show ‘em your stuff 5th/6th$$
7th thru 12th… Get real and win 10th/11th$$
13th thru 18th… It’s a “maybe” the 15th.
19th thru 24th… Bountiful w/BLUE 23rd-24th$$
25th thru 30th… Time out.

Click here for next month's "Lucky Predictions"

Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.

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