Do I need to bring my daubers?

No, we supply you with daubers. Bingo is played on 9-on bingo paper.

How Do I Pay for On-board Expenses?

For your convenience Carnival's on-board credit program lets you charge just about everything to your shipboard account so that you will not have to carry cash around. Sign up on the first day of your cruise and settle on the last, at which point you can pay with cash, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, or traveler’s checks.

How Much Money Should I Take?

You may cash traveler’s checks at the Purser’s Desk on board the ship. Traveler’s checks and most major credit cards are accepted in the ports we visit. Proper ID is required when cashing traveler’s checks. On-board casino advances are available with MasterCard and Visa, based on your credit allowance. ATM machines are available, however expect to pay a surcharge for their use. When you're shopping or dining in Ports of Call, we suggest you carry a reasonable amount of U.S. money in small denominations.

What are the U.S. Custom Allowances?

  • $1600 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent.

  • Note: of the $1600, no more than $800 can be purchased outside the U.S. or on board.

  • 5 liters of alcohol per person (21 years or older).

  • 5 cartons of cigarettes containing 200 cigarettes each (18 years or older).

  • 100 non-Cuban cigars (18 years or older).

  • Duty-Free Allowance: All other ship itineraries.

  • $800 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent.

  • 1 liter of alcohol per person (21 years or older).

  • Note: On certain itineraries, an additional liter may be purchased.

  • 1 carton of cigarettes containing 200 cigarettes (18 years or older).

  • 100 non-Cuban cigars (18 years or older).

How Many Suitcases Can I Take?

Each person is allowed up to 200 pounds of personal luggage on board. However, if you are traveling by air, your airline might have different restrictions. Please contact the airline for such information. As of May 2008, Most US airlines are charging fees for each item of checked luggage. Each item of checked luggage must not weigh in excess of 40 pounds or additional fees may apply. Airlines and Carnival have limited liability for loss, so be sure all baggage and personal belongings are properly insured. Suitcases should be securely locked and tagged. Items such as medications, jewelry or other valuables and important documents should be hand-carried. Carnival Cruise Line does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of these items.

What Time Is Dinner?

From Carnival's early-riser service at 6:30 am to nightly midnight snacks, there are lots of dining options and little chance to go hungry. Open seating for breakfast and lunch in the main dining room. There are three sittings for dinner. *Dinner times are approximately 6:00pm (Early), 8:00pm (Late) and 5:30pm - 9:00pm (Open). You may request any sitting time, table size and with whom you wish to sit. You can eat dinner in the main dining room, in the reservations-only "Supper Club" (service fee applies), in the buffet restaurant or order in-cabin from a room service menu.

Will I Need an Electrical Converter?

The current onboard is 110 volts AC. You may wish to bring a small extension cord or multi-adapter plug in since you'll find only a few outlets in your cabin.

Are There Programs for Children?

Carnival Cruise Line offers one of the most elaborate children’s programs at sea. The ship has youth coordinators for kids between 2 and 11 years of age, and teen coordinators for teenagers between 12 and 17 years of age. There are many activities for children in the evening, so parents may want to request main seating in the dining room.

What clothes should I bring?

The weather in the Caribbean this time of year should be warm. The dress on-board the ship is casual for the most part, however there are 2 "dressy" dinners scheduled. Carnival no longer refers to them as "Formal Evenings" and now uses the term "Cruise Elegant Dining" instead. A coat and tie is suggested for the men with suit or tux welcomed, however at a minimum, a sport coat (no tie) is expected for him . Anything considered "dressy" is OK.

What Other Services Are Available?

Beauty parlor including hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, sauna and massages. All cabins have hair dryers.

Gift shops feature duty-free shopping including fine jewelry, perfumes, clothing, liquor (note: liquor purchased aboard ship is delivered to your cabin the night before disembarkation), cosmetics and limited drugstore items.

Laundry & dry-cleaning services.

What About People With Special Needs?

Wherever possible, Carnival Line will try to accommodate people with physical or mental disabilities. All ships have staterooms designed for people with physical disabilities. Feel free to call us in regards to your unique requirements. Handicap cabins are available on request for those with limited mobility. These cabins are very limited.

Is There A Doctor Aboard?

A physician and nurse are on board each ship. Customary charges will be made for all medical care and services.

What About Shore Excursions?

Shore excursions can be purchased at the Shore Excursion Desk for all ports for various daytime and/or evening activities. If you prefer to go on your own, information about the ports will be available at the Shore Excursion Desk. We'll provide you with a list of expected shore excursions well in advance of sailing.

Special Celebrations

You may purchase wine, fruit baskets, champagne, birthday cakes, canapés, flowers or other gifts for your cabin. Please contact us through Carnival Cruises if you are celebrating a special occasion.

What If I Need to Call Home?

You can phone, fax or email to anywhere in the world and you will be billed at applicable ship-to-shore rates. In addition, the ship offers internet/email services. A nominal per-minute charge is assessed for email.

Cell Phone Usage: Carnival has installed satellite roaming capability aboard all its ships. That means that you can use your cell phone on board just as you can anywhere else. The only difference is that you will be paying international roaming fees. If you plan to use your cell phone, we recommend that you check with your cellular provider to determine what those fees are.

Internet / email?

An "Internet Cafe" is available with per-minute charges applicable. WiFi hotspots are located throughout the ship with usage fees applying.

How Much Do I Tip?

Carnival Cruise Line has attempted to simplify the "tipping process" by adding suggested gratuities of $11.50 per person per day on a 7 day cruise, gratuities increase the longer your voyage. This eliminates the need to personally distribute the tips at the end of the voyage. Recognizing that tipping is purely a personal matter, you are welcome to adjust the total amount at any time prior to the end of the cruise by visiting the Front Desk. A 15% gratuity is already included in bar tabs, beauty salon, and spa services. Other staff may be tipped as services are rendered (example: if you order room service, it's customary to tip a dollar or two).

Do I Need A Passport?

A passport is encouraged, although at the present time is not mandatory for US citizens embarking on a cruise that begins and ends in a US port! If you don't have a passport, you will need to provide proof-of-citizenship with your original birth certificate, or a certified copy. The new "passport card" can also be used as long as you understand it is for border crossing on land and sea and will not work at an airport to board a plane departing or returning to the US. The advantage of the passport card is that it costs about half of what a new passport costs. Note: If for an emergency situation you need to leave the ship in a Caribbean port, you will have difficulty flying back to the US without a passport. Foreign guests must be in possession of a valid passport and multiple entry visa for the United States (B-2 Visitor’s Visa), or a visa waiver. There can be no refund if a passenger is denied boarding by local immigration officials for lack of proper documents.

Where Can I Keep My Valuables?

All cabins aboard the ship have safes. Please note, however, that Carnival Cruise Line is not responsible for valuables left in staterooms or elsewhere onboard.

Are Visitors Allowed?

No, sorry.

I still have some questions!

Call us toll-free during regular business hours, at: 1-888-FLA-BINGO (1-888-352-2464).

Or, feel free to use our Contact Form to send an email to us.

Passenger and Baggage Protection Plan

Carnival Cruise Line's liability for loss or damage is limited by the Passenger Ticket Contract. Terms and Limitations are outlined in the "Fine Print" form mailed to you with your original invoice. It is best to check if you are adequately covered. We strongly recommend that you consider a vacation protection plan which covers trip cancellation and interruption due to medical reasons, as well as medical expenses and baggage loss or delay. Coverage should extend from your departure until your return.

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