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Lucky Predictions for November 2015


ARIES: March 21 to April 20
1st thru 6th… Much to shout about on the 2nd!$
7th thru 12th… Hold off ‘til the 12th!
13th thru 18th… Wow, wow, wow 17th!!
19th thru 24th… It all comes back to you 1st!$!
25th thru 30th… Got the GREEN light 25th$$

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21
1st thru 6th… Lucky streak 1st and 5th$
7th thru 12th… Not indicated.
13th thru 18th… Surprise, surprise 14th-15th!
19th thru 24th… VIOLET lucky the 19th!
25th thru 30th… Best with BLUE 27th-28th$$

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21
1st thru 6th… Bring it home the 2nd!
7th thru 12th… A reason to celebrate the 7th$$
13th thru 18th… PURPLE calls it the 17th$
19th thru 24th… Big play on ORANGE the 21st!$
25th thru 30th… Yours comes in first 25th-26th!

CANCER: June 22 to July 22
1st thru 6th… $$ multiplies 5th/6th!
7th thru 12th… Looks real easy 10th-11th!
13th thru 18th… Not worth it.
19th thru 24th… Bags ‘o bill$ 23rd-24th!
25th thru 30th… Rolling in plenty 28th!$

LEO: July 23 to Aug. 23
1st thru 6th… You’re off and running the 2nd!
7th thru 12th… You’ll do fine 7th-8th!$
13th thru 18th… Ok (be frugal) the 12th.
19th thru 24th… Go on and get it 21st-22nd!
25th thru 30th… $$ grows 25th/26th!!$

VIRGO: Aug. 24 to Sept. 23
1st thru 6th… Most likely to win 5th-6th$
7th thru 12th… It never ends 10th-11th!
13th thru 18th… GOLDEN days 14th-15th$$
19th thru 24th… Play/watch/win 23rd-24th!$
25th thru 30th… True BLUE to win 27th-28th!

LIBRA: Sept. 24 to Oct. 23
1st thru 6th… $ingular purpose 2nd-3rd$
7th thru 12th… A place far from home 11th/12th$
13th thru 18th… PURPLE a plus 7th-8th and 17th$!
19th thru 24th… Not seein’ it.
25th thru 30th… Try your luck the 30th!

SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
1st thru 6th… Stars are on your side 1st and 5th!
7th thru 12th… Lookin’ real good 10th-11th$$
13th thru 18th… Luck abounds 15th-16th$!
19th thru 24th… Definite chance in heck the 19th!
25th thru 30th… Super comeback 27th-28th$$

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
1st thru 6th… ORANGE leads 2nd-3rd$!
7th thru 12th… Spread $ around 7th-8th!$
13th thru 18th… Great strategies 17th-18th!
19th thru 24th… RED is lucky 21st-22nd$
25th thru 30th… You’re in da money 31st!

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 20
1st thru 6th… Worth your time 5th/6th$
7th thru 12th… BLUE slides you thru 10th-11th!
13th thru 18th… Silent wish comes true the 15th!
19th thru 24th… Hit it big time 23rd/24th$
25th thru 30th… Best to wait.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 to Feb. 19
1st thru 6th… Just hang out.
7th thru 12th… Special days the 7th and 12th!$
13th thru 18th… Sky’s the limit 17th!
19th thru 24th… RED gives back 21st-22nd$$
25th thru 30th… Get back in and play the 30th!

PISCES: Feb. 20 to March 20
1st thru 6th… Your best bet the 1st$$
7th thru 12th… Let loose a little 10th-11th$
13th thru 18th… Just what you need 15th-16th
19th thru 24th… Lady Luck a$$ist 23rd/24th!
25th thru 30th… Totally fab the 28th$$


Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.

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