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Predictions Page
(which days will be your luckiest?)

Horoscopes for March 2015
by Frederick Woodruff / astroinquiry.com

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Once again you’re at the forefront of all the rocking and rolling that life has to offer. And March promises to be one of those months that will make it into your personal history book. You’ll want to make this mantra of Michelangelo’s one of your own, too. As he said: “Genius is eternal patience.” Slow but steady, anchored to all of your vitality, guarantees success.
Lucky Days: 17-21
Lucky Numbers: 3-59

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21:
This month you’ll want to turn to the supernatural, mystical or spiritual for the inspiration you’ll need to remain calm and centered amidst one of the year’s most challenging months. Use your intimate relationship to the natural world to help remind you, daily, of what the Greek Heraclitus taught us: “Panta rhei” Everything flows.
Lucky Days: 17-19
Lucky Numbers: 23-68

GEMINI: May 22-June 21:

There’s an old Moroccan saying that goes like this: “Friendship is honey, but don’t eat it all.” You’ll want to practice discretion this month between how much you’re giving of your time to others and how much you are expecting in return. Aim to keep things light with your circle of peers; balance will insure that you’ve found your sweet spot with others.
Lucky Days: 15-25
Lucky Numbers: 4-14

CANCER: June 22-July 22:
You’re feeling the strong, dramatic currents of this month unlike any other sign. Fortunately, as a water creature, you have the skills to cope and ride the wild waves. A key to help you along the way from William Blake: “Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps.” Yep, everything shifts into its opposite. But you knew that already.
Lucky Days: 9-23
Lucky Numbers: 9-68

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23:
The lively planet Mars enters your house of faith and suddenly you’ve got a brand new attitude and philosophy about living. And being the self-expressive lion that you are, you’re ready to make a declaration of intent that, when delivered tactfully, will inspire those in your close circle. You’re a natural leader and this month you confirm your reputation with real flair.
Lucky Days: 19-23
Lucky Numbers: 11-71

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23:
Emerson once said that: “Our faith comes in moments, our vice is habitual.” This is the month when you take a vow to throw open the closet door and confront whatever skeletons might be haunting or undermining your efforts at success. You’ve got the keen mental skill to unravel the tightest knot, start untangling.
Lucky Days: 9-29
Lucky Numbers: 18-69

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23:
Don’t let time force you into a passive corner or posture. Remember: Not to decide, is to decide. And as much as you enjoy peace and harmony, you equally dislike stasis and boredom. Devise a plan to keep moving forward. Allow your appreciation of beauty, art and science to inspire you in all of your efforts, especially those that involve your creativity.
Lucky Days: 4-17
Lucky Numbers: 44-59

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22:
March promises to be a trial for all of us and you’re ready. Remember: What doesn’t disable us will make us stronger, as an old German philosopher once said. The full moon on the 5th is the ringing of the bell that sets a new cycle of self-discovery in motion. You’re good at getting rid of the outworn, and this is the month to cut it all lose.
Lucky Days: 11-24
Lucky Numbers 17-73

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21:
Saturn in your sign puts the focus on reshaping your self-image; starting with your body. Don’t neglect the benefits of healthy routines, especially if you’re clear about what you need to omit and remove from your life—make sure you follow through. You’ll reap the benefits that discipline can inspire, including a new sense of wonder about your life.
Lucky Days: 19-24
Lucky Numbers: 38-46

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20:
Get ready to do some heavy lifting this month as the full moon on the 5th shines a spotlight on ways to rethink relationships on the home front. Siblings are looking to your down to earth style to help guide them along untried or rocky paths. Help arrives when you align with a long forgotten dream and use it as a guide.
Lucky Days: 3-13
Lucky Numbers: 30-75

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19:
Here’s a secret insight for you to contemplate this month, keep it close: You are more important than your problems. As you talk about and focus on what’s wrong in life, the heavier and more contracted your life begins to feel. Try to let go of this habit and let your eye land, each morning, on what is a blessing and a source of bounty in your life.
Lucky Days: 12-26
Lucky Numbers: 22-39

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20:
Unplug from the struggle with your intellect and allow your heart to lead the way. Desire and passion, when welcomed, open new doors of opportunity. But you must really feel what it is you want most. And remember, as Antoine de St. Exupery said: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Lucky Days: 4-20
Lucky Numbers: 3-43

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