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Horoscopes for January 2018
by Frederick Woodruff /

ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): In the old horse and buggy days, blinders were developed to keep the big animals from getting spooked and running wild. Think about employing this trick for the New Year. You need to apply limitations to focus on the essential and what will assist you in achieving your hearts desire. This means surrendering to scheduling and forced slow-downs. Your nature prefers impulse and spontaneity, but this is a year for metered progress.
Lucky Days: 4 - 19
Lucky Numbers: 34 - 47

Sometimes we need to trade simplicity and order for a little bit of chaos to shake things up in a creative way. Don’t dig in your heels and resist the urge for radical transformation. You’ll benefit most this year by putting yourself in direct contact with nature—your earthy disposition finds the rhythm of weather and organic life a constant source of rejuvenation and inner revelation. Follow its lead.
Lucky Days: 8 - 24
Lucky Numbers: 2 - 50

Make this your aphorism for 2018, from wise man George Bernard Shaw: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” The New Year offers you the opportunity to channel your keen mental skills into solving mysteries that might otherwise appear irrational. There is a secret side to life and this is your year to discover it.
Lucky Days:  18 - 27
Lucky Numbers: 9 - 58

There’s a persistent pressure on you throughout 2018 to crack out of your safety shell and engage with the world in an entirely new way. You’ll need to use your intuition to flow like water through paths of least resistance. Moods can be inspirational, but you can’t always count on them to galvanize your will power. Let your empathetic nature guide the way. Kindness always wins.
Lucky Days:  12 - 30
Lucky Numbers: 2 - 44

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23):
As the king or queen of the jungle it’s difficult for you to engage with the common chores of life that make the world go around for the rest of us. This year finds you working with the small details, making repairs on your home (and health) and allowing yourself to experience the wisdom of humility. Remember this from Geroge Arliss: “Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.”
Lucky Days: 23 - 29
Lucky Numbers:  5 - 30

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23):
The New Year finds you ready and willing to move from caterpillar to butterfly. As good as this sounds on paper it can be unnerving for the shy virgin to place herself directly in the limelight. Don’t force it. Find a way to move incrementally, at your own speed, into the world at large. We’re eager to see and hear your insights about efficiency, frugality and applying commonsense to complex problems.
Lucky Days: 12 - 23
Lucky Numbers: 18 - 49

LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23):
You have a reputation for discovering harmony and beauty in the most unlikely places. Your love of order serves you well, until it doesn’t. And then you surprise everyone with your argumentative and pushy side. Alas, even those bursts of vigor are in service of striking a balance. 2018’s central theme will involve a more pro-active, assertive side of your nature. Don’t be afraid to tip the scales occasionally.
Lucky Days: 8 - 18
Lucky Numbers: 44 - 56

You make a radical departure with tradition in 2018–and then live to tell and share your newfound wisdom with the rest of us. No sign understands resurrection better than yours. Remember, when one story is winding to a close that means a brand new chapter is about to be writ. Life is a continual motion of endings and renewal. Make that dance central throughout the New Year.
Lucky Days: 23 - 27
Lucky Numbers: 7 - 65

You’re a natural born philosopher. Small details bore you and you’re much more interested in teaching than playing the role of student. But 2018 finds this pattern upended. The most effective instructor is someone who, at heart, still harbors the curiosity of a novice. Allow yourself to surrender to the movement between these two poles of wisdom. In the end you’ll feel more satisfied and inspired.
Lucky Days: 7 - 13
Lucky Numbers: 9 - 53

You like a steady base of operation that allows you to build slowly towards your goals. But 2018 has a few surprises on the home front that will force you to rethink your most reliable strategies. Don’t get waylaid by the disruptions, in fact pay attention to what family members are telling you; someone from that group holds a key that will allow you to open the door on a lifelong dream.
Lucky Days: 22 - 29
Lucky Numbers: 8 - 49

Turn around, look behind you. It’s time to reevaluate and reclaim accomplishments from the past. Reconnecting with former victories instills the confidence you need to jump into the New Year with enthusiasm and hope. The catch is you’ll need to discard dead wood. Study carefully what’s been weighing you down and then make a clean break. You want to feel light on your feet for the new adventures ahead.
Lucky Days: 8 - 29
Lucky Numbers: 56 - 69

You shoot into 2018 like a rocket, fueled by a newfound group of likeminded souls who share a similar vision. It’s true: You prefer solitude and time outs to recalibrate your sensitive psyche, but now it’s time to see what mingling with others will accomplish. If you’ve one new goal to stay true to this year, make it involve the act of sharing. Great minds not only think alike, but they achieve more with camaraderie.
Lucky Days: 25 - 30
Lucky Numbers: 45 - 59

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