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Horoscopes for May 2017
by Frederick Woodruff /

ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Monitor your moods so you can strike a balance between excitement and anxiety, especially on the job front where you’ll need a clear head to steer clear of a heated confrontation. Sometimes it’s best to allow others to take the lead so you can devote time to repairing and restoring what needs your energy and attention at home. 
Lucky Days: 3 – 23
Lucky Numbers: 4 - 60

What is that you want most but have felt too shy (or scattered) to go after? Set your sight on that prize and claim it after the full moon on the 10th. You’ll want to muster all of your will power to conquer doubts or fears that have clouded your wish-making spirit. You’re known for your ability to get what you want in life. Show the rest of us how that magic works.
Lucky Days: 12– 16
Lucky Numbers: 17 -49

Your innovative spirit is turned up full blast this month. You’re all about generating new ideas and surprising your peers with insights and solutions. Mars in your house of charisma means you’re multi-tasking like a pro. But watch the tendency to jump the rails on the 10th when the full moon prompts you to reveal much about something that’s better left unspoken.
Lucky Days: 22– 29
Lucky Numbers: 13 - 57

You’re the zodiac’s natural homebody. It’s not that you don’t like to get out and mingle, it’s just that you prefer the kind of creative upwelling that being centered in one place can provide. The full moon on the 10th has you hatching a brand new artistic project that’s guaranteed to impress your fans. But here’s the rub: You’ll need to get out there and shine!
Lucky Days: 2– 14
Lucky Numbers: 29 -44

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23):
Here’s a saying from John Muir to act as inspiration for you: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” What makes nature so powerful is that it acts instead of equivocating. You can do the same when you put your mind in the backseat and let your instincts take the reins. You’re headed in a brand new direction this summer, one filled with wonders and dreams come true.
Lucky Days: 3 – 9
Lucky Numbers: 5 - 45

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23):
You’re never short of bright ideas and you’ll need one to manage all the plates you’re spinning right now. If you want everything that life has to offer, then you’ll need to prepare some clear strategies for managing and systemizing your time (which comes naturally to you, so it shouldn’t be too hard). Still, you’ll need to ask for assistance. Seek guidance from experts and whiz kids.
Lucky Days: 25– 28
Lucky Numbers: 23 - 47

LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23):
Saturn the planet of hard work and discipline is moving back into your house of the mind and intellect. This means you’ve a second chance to bring gravitas to an original idea you might have abandoned last month. Don’t delay—this power to organize and plan shouldn’t be wasted. Time is on your side now in a very private and magical way.
Lucky Days: 11– 19
Lucky Numbers: 8 -55

SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV 22nd):
More than any other star sign you comprehend the power of closure and endings. The full moon on the 10th in your house of ‘you’ means you’re ready for a radical makeover, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Your newfound philosophy will sustain you for the rest of the year.
Lucky Days: 1 – 11
Lucky Numbers: 25 – 54

Your ruler Jupiter in your house of friends and colleagues puts the focus on growth through cooperation. You are a social creature by nature, although sometimes quantity outdoes quality. This month is all about the quality of your contacts and putting the time and energy into fostering relationships that support your dream for a better community and culture. Find your tribe, organize and activate—we need disruptors like you.
Lucky Days: 3– 23
Lucky Numbers: 9 – 29

CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th):
You’re interested in getting down to the heart of the matter. Robert Frost sums it up best in this short poem: “We sit around in a ring and suppose, but the Secret sits in the middle and knows.” How to move to the center? With curiosity and inquiry. One of your main gifts is showing the rest of us how order makes the world operate smoothly. But now it’s time to apply these gifts to your private life, to discover the secrets of your soul.
Lucky Days: 7- 23
Lucky Numbers: 28 – 47

AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th):
Mars turns up the lights in your house of romance this month. Because you value rationality over undisciplined emotions, you might find yourself at odds with your libido. See if you can discover the secret of how lovers can also be friends. These are the kinds of relationships you value most and feel comfortable with. However, don’t shortchange yourself in the excitement department. It’s your time to have fun.
Lucky Days: 14 - 19
Lucky Numbers: 6 – 50

PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th):
Wow, you are pushing hard to clarify your territory on the home front. This is in response to the sense you have that roles, duties and positions have gotten too murky or undefined. Don’t let yourself be intimidated or backed into a corner. Once you reassert your dominion all the unruly activates will come to a halt and peace will be restored. But you need to step up and speak out. Loudly!
Lucky Days: 11 - 19
Lucky Numbers: 17 – 48

Click here for next month's "By The Stars"


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