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Predictions Page
(which days will be your luckiest?)

Horoscopes for July 2014
by Frederick Woodruff / astroinquiry.com

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Up your luck factor. Home is the place to start. Renovations, additions—any kind of improvement is in order. Set aside a special space where you can give shape to the plans you’ve been percolating all year long. In other words, make way for a room of your own. The full moon on the 12th shines a light on faith and learning to follow your inner guidance.
Lucky Days: 12-29
Lucky Numbers: 4-53

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21
: Bulls like to avoid disruption, but your routines are beginning to bore you. You’re ready for a radical shift. How? It’s time socialize, to meet and mingle with new peers. Put your persistence to work in arranging fun meetings or creative get-togethers. You need the stimulation. And who knows—Mr. or Mrs. Right might be in the group of new people that make their way into your world.
Lucky Days: 17-19
Lucky Numbers: 20-54

GEMINI: May 22-June 21
: Venus, the planet of grace and beauty has sprinkled you with magic dust. Are you maximizing your attractiveness and charm this summer? You really ought to. Folks are ready to respond in a positive way to your ideas or plans—so dream big and show your best side on the 12th when the full moon illuminates the best way forward towards your goal.
Lucky Days: 12-24
Lucky Numbers: 38-49

CANCER: June 22-July 22
: Crabs can be incredibly determined when they have their aim set on a prize, and July is the month to communicate and make others aware of your gifts and projects. People need to know what, exactly, you have to offer; so craft a game plan and execute it while Mercury, the planet of connections, moves through your house of self. We’re all eyes and ears—show and tell us what you’re about.
Lucky Days: 6-20
Lucky Numbers: 28-44

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23
: Lions and lionesses everywhere are feeling the optimistic lift—the wind beneath their wings—as Jupiter, the planet of luck moves into their sign. This year-long transit turns you into a glowing loadstone. Whatever you set your sights on can very easily end up in your lap—and sometimes quickly. Wish and plan with the highest of intentions. Celebrate this grand turn!
Lucky Days: 8-19
Lucky Numbers: 2-48

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23
: The writer George Scialabba once said: “Imagination is only intelligence having fun.” And this should be your slogan for July. Why? Because the more you let your mind wander, the sooner you’ll hatch the new career goal you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t lose your patience; trust your unconscious to lead the way. You’ll be amazed with how your fantasies can morph into reality.
Lucky Days: 16-19
Lucky Numbers: 23-49

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23
: As Venus, your ruler, moves into Cancer you’re ready to resolve a touchy situation at home. You have a natural gift for soothing troubles, but you might need to choose sides and declare allegiance to one idea or person over another. Close friends can offer feedback on these big decisions. Hear what they have to say. Your heart knows best when it comes to healing and making things right.
Lucky Days: 4-25
Lucky Numbers: 8-58

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22
: Trust your hunches this month. Your psychic sensitivities are red hot, especially around the full moon on the 12th. What you dream now is bound to come true as Saturn continues to move through your sign. This means you have extra will power and perseverance at your disposal. If you’ve wanted get lean and trim, this is the month to do it. All the power and focus you can muster will reward you tenfold.
Lucky Days: 3-23
Lucky Numbers 16-65

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21
: Jupiter moves into Leo, so it’s time to claim your place in the spotlight—which means you’ve got to have your act together and ready to roll. Close friends and family are looking to you to set an example of what success looks like; they want to see something more than just the same old routine from you. Sparkle! Give them your best shot.
Lucky Days: 7-20
Lucky Numbers: 9-47

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20:
The universe is asking you to place your faith in beginner’s luck; to move yourself forward and take a chance on a special vision you’ve secretly nurtured since February. How to succeed? You must step outside of your comfort zone. Goats are climbers, slow but steady—they always reach the top and win. Make this your daily affirmation.
Lucky Days: 3-23
Lucky Numbers: 19-59

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19
: This month promises to be one of consolidation rather than speculation. This applies to people just as much as it relates to finances. Take stock of who has your back and don’t be shy about asking for guidance or assistance. Mars, the power planet is ready to move forward, and that means you’ll want to shift back into a proactive social role. Network, mingle and make things happen through cooperation and partnership. You need people, and they need you.
Lucky Days: 24-29
Lucky Numbers: 11-38

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20
: Do you believe in guardian angels? Well, this is the month you become extra familiar with the angel that’s riding on your shoulder. Why? Jupiter is shifting into Leo. That means your energy level is moving up, up, UP! The more magnanimous you are, the more your luck changes. This is a cosmic law, and you’re ready to show the rest of us how this formula works for love and success. Thank you!
Lucky Days: 8-15
Lucky Numbers: 24-47

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