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Horoscopes for February 2017
by Frederick Woodruff /

ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): With Venus and Mars working overtime in your house of character, you’re like a magnet drawing to yourself whatever you desire. Make your aim personal and physical, like a makeover of some kind. Let yourself stray. Think off the beaten path: new clothes, new colors, and maybe a new hairstyle—a new you!
Lucky Days: 12 – 28
Lucky Numbers: 32 -57

Here’s some advice from Benjamin Franklin: “Hide not your talents, they for use were made.” This is your affirmation throughout February, when inspiration may waver—stay true. Apply your fierce persistence to reaching your goals. Be selective. Focus on what is directly in front of you, not something you’ll have to chase after tomorrow.
Lucky Days: 11– 26
Lucky Numbers: 10 -30

Pause and reconsider the significant relationships in your life. Expect breakthroughs in affairs of the heart on the full moon on the 10th. A new love begins, an old partnership ends—or is transformed radically. Follow the wisdom of your heart as it tracks the insights of your intuition. Inner guidance will lead the way.
Lucky Days: 13 – 17
Lucky Numbers: 9 - 31

Are you ready to release outworn fears about scarcity? February finds you ready to flick the switch on a brand new creative project that can have far reaching effects for your finances. The main lesson involves something more spiritual. Trust in a higher power akin to sanity. Meditate on this truth as you replenish your bank account.
Lucky Days: 2– 24
Lucky Numbers: 24 -44

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23):
Mars, the motivator, is cavorting all month long in your house of the higher mind. Surround yourself with professors (or wizards), individuals that can teach you new philosophies to broaden your perspective and support your interest in new dimensions. Don’t be afraid to journey. This is a perfect month for foreign lands and people.
Lucky Days: 16 – 23
Lucky Numbers: 25 - 29

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23):
What is it that makes romance so beguiling at the start of a relationship? It’s the mysteries and unknown qualities of a stranger. Be willing to meet and mingle with people from other tribes. You’re itching for the excitement of love and you’ll find it this month in the most unlikely of places. Venture forward!
Lucky Days: 9– 19
Lucky Numbers: 13 -27

LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23):
Jupiter continues to enliven your house of charisma, attracting to you opportunities that will alter your sense of self in radical ways. The more daring and experimental you are willing to become, the easier this cosmic transformation will be. The price? Letting go of the outworn and boring. Make ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ your keywords in February.
Lucky Days: 14 – 18
Lucky Numbers: 4 -50

SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV 22nd):
It’s a good time to withdraw a little and settle down to practical affairs. Explore new dietary or nutritional regiments, anything that will improve your health and put a zing in your step. Mid-month brings you an important clue about finances. Keep in mind these words from the philosopher Icus: “There is no way to prosperity—prosperity is the way.”
Lucky Days: 3 – 17
Lucky Numbers: 7 – 35

Upside down and inside out. Can you relate? Even your free-willing, unfettered spirit is feeling the pressures of constant change now—the shifts and slips of time. Of all the star signs you are the best equipped to go with the flow. Freedom is one of your keywords. Just remember that each new revelation is a greater degree of liberty and you’ll do just fine.
Lucky Days: 8– 14
Lucky Numbers: 9 – 55

CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th):
Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. Your preferred pace in life is slow and steady but February is all about gaining speed and losing the superfluous. Study carefully what is holding you back and use diplomacy to cut ties where needed. Spring arrives early for you.
Lucky Days: 1 - 24
Lucky Numbers: 8 – 54

AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th):
The power of positive thinking lends beauty and justice to our lives. This is a good time to put the force of your affirmations to the common good. Get involved with community or neighborhood affairs, efforts that support camaraderie and sharing. You’re a natural with making the world a better place for all people.
Lucky Days: 11 - 19
Lucky Numbers: 9 – 50

PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th):
Tensions with finances are resolved when you make a firm decision about a niggling family issue that prevents you from getting what you want. But keep in mind this notion from the writer Robert Anthony: “The biggest lie on the planet: ‘When I get what I want I will be happy.’” Your job is to find the sweet spot between these two realities.
Lucky Days: 16 - 20
Lucky Numbers: 12 – 49

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