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Predictions Page
(which days will be your luckiest?)

Horoscopes for November 2014
by Frederick Woodruff / astroinquiry.com

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: You want to express your talents in a vivid, life-affirming way this month. Here’s the magic formula to follow: The shortest distance between a dream and reality is action. Make the new moon on the 22nd your bull’s-eye moment. Take aim, clear the way and fire fast.
Lucky Days: 6-12
Lucky Numbers: 33-46

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21
: Time to rejuvenate your sex appeal. You’ve an uncanny way of bringing beauty to just about every facet of your life and now it’s time for a personal makeover. Hire a consultant that will help you choose clothing and colors that highlight all that’s gorgeous about you. You’ll feel marvelous!
Lucky Days: 7-19
Lucky Numbers: 23-63

GEMINI: May 22-June 21
: Don’t ignore the love in your life by obsessing about the love you feel is lacking. Focus on what is here, now. Listen to the poet Rumi, his advice will work magic: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
Lucky Days: 14-27
Lucky Numbers: 23-56

CANCER: June 22-July 22
: Here’s an old zen koan that you’ll want to contemplate this month: “If you want to climb a mountain, begin at the top.” As the familiar gives way to the untested, you must develop a clear, specific aim so you can move forward without fear. The new moon on the 22nd offers a secret vision.
Lucky Days: 6-21
Lucky Numbers: 18-63

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23
: What is your mission, your path, your life’s purpose? These questions are always in the back of the lion’s mind, but this month demands some answers. Start each day with a list of goals and commit to fulfilling each of them. You’ve no time to waste. The more you accomplish the more you confirm your place and function in life.
Lucky Days: 25-29
Lucky Numbers: 1-54

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23
: It’s time to rethink a scheme you abandoned earlier this year—the components are finally in place to make that forlorn plan come true. Jupiter in the house of your unconscious means important revelations will arrive through dreams and old friends that help rekindle a forgotten ideal.
Lucky Days: 20-28
Lucky Numbers: 42-59

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23
: Here’s a star code for you, from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Keep your focus on the grand rather than the petty. People will come and go in life, but your legacy depends on how true you’ve remained to your ideal of beauty and harmony.
Lucky Days: 14-23
Lucky Numbers: 2-45

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22
: Often your tastes are more lavish than your budget can afford. And this is doubly true this month where the cosmic focus is on finances. Put your frugality to work and follow the advice of Ben Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Expand your wisdom not your debt.
Lucky Days: 8-26
Lucky Numbers 17-55

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21
: Your breezy intellect and wacky sense of humor are your default settings in life; an approach that keeps you free and unrestrained. But come the new moon on the 22nd you’ll want to ground yourself and lay practical plans for achieving the success you desire. Let this new attitude guide you steadily into 2015.
Lucky Days: 15-24
Lucky Numbers: 28-69

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20
: This month you’ll want to meditate on this bit of truth from the Roman philosopher Horace: “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant.” Stop complaining about the past and put your new skills to work. Your heart’s desire is calling to you, there’s no time for idle hands.
Lucky Days: 14-29
Lucky Numbers: 28-35

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19
: What is friendship? All of your relationships will benefit once you answer this question. Here’s an important clue from Oscar Wilde: “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” Find new ways to communicate this month—change the playing field.
Lucky Days: 9-23
Lucky Numbers: 21-56

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20
: You’ve two fish as your sign’s symbol and both sides, the rational and the fantastic, must have equal time in your life. If you favor one over the other you’ll create difficulties. Ask yourself: Which fish is dominate right now and then strike a better balance. Your sense of peace and security are directly tied to this cosmic dichotomy, don’t ignore it.
Lucky Days: 2-21
Lucky Numbers: 3-63

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