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Horoscopes for April 2017
by Frederick Woodruff /

ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Consider this: Do you give yourself enough credit for the daring chances you’ve been willing to take during the past two years? It’s important that you acknowledge the courage that you’ve mustered and the faith you’ve placed in a plan bigger, a plan much larger than any strategy you could have ever concocted for yourself. Celebrate your radical ability to trust.
Lucky Days: 6 – 19
Lucky Numbers: 44 -48

TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): Mars, the fiery planet of energy and daring remains in your house of self-expression this month. This signals a bold willingness to upset the apple cart in favor of exploring the new and unchallenged. Your placid nature will be tweaked by your newfound daring, but this bodes well for making the kind of leaps you’ve been avoiding. Go ahead and move forward, you’ve nothing to lose.
Lucky Days: 17– 26
Lucky Numbers: 9 -40

GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): Early in the month your ruler, Mercury, moves into Taurus promoting all things beautiful and cooperative. On the full moon on the 10th you attract new people and events that compliment your gentle and generous attitude. Make the best of this transit by sharing with others your visions of camaraderie and cooperation. Everyone can benefit from your uplifting, kindhearted spirit.
Lucky Days: 3– 27
Lucky Numbers: 9 - 57

CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): Full moons always bring revelations for you, and on the 10th you experience a profound change of mind that alters your vision and plans for your home and career. Allow for this shift gracefully. The results will be far reaching, especially as related to improvements in your finances, a constantly niggling concern of yours. It might not seem like fun–but come November you’ll be glad you followed the guidance of your guardian angel.
Lucky Days: 2– 14
Lucky Numbers: 29 -44

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): April is a month of trials and rewards. You can’t have one without the other as Saturn forces discipline in all aspects of life that involve creativity and self-motivation. Harness your willpower to a schedule and then stick to it, no matter the inconvenience. The rewards will be much greater than the small sacrifices you’ve made to honor your heart’s desire.
Lucky Days: 6 – 19
Lucky Numbers: 25 -36

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): While Venus moves through your house of partnerships you’ll benefit by setting aside your shyness and taking an assertive role in attracting new people (and a new romance) into your life. Take time to focus on what’s positive and in your life now. Tell those close to you how much you appreciate them, this generosity will open many new doors and opportunities for you.
Lucky Days: 8– 22
Lucky Numbers: 3 - 56

LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23): The full moon on the 10th signals a rejuvenating change of attitude: A new lease on life. But to usher in this radical influence means letting go of whatever curtails your freedom of expression. How to best manage the sudden shifts on the chessboard? See the world new everyday, as Einstein noted: “There are two ways to live your life–as though nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”
Lucky Days: 10 – 28
Lucky Numbers: 38 -57

SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV 22nd): You’re sitting on a powerful pooling of creative energy. Now is the time to formulate a schedule and plan that lets you administer your management skills for maximum effect. It’s O.K. to admit that you enjoy controlling affairs, in fact the more honest you are about this part of nature the smoother the going will be throughout the spring. Own and celebrate your power to the fullest.
Lucky Days: 15 – 17
Lucky Numbers: 7 – 55

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23rd-DEC 21st): You’re calmer and quieter than usual this month. You feel a certain pressure to define more clearly who you are, what your life is about and what you hope to achieve. Familiar routines offer a solace, and can relieve physical or mental fatigue at this time. Use this month to filter out what you want to release and what you want to pursue in life. Discrimination is the key
Lucky Days: 3– 13
Lucky Numbers: 39 – 53

CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th): Self-promotion and putting your talents on display are the order of the day. If you need to travel now to spread your message to others, don’t hesitate. You’ve a special knack for combining hard won wisdom with an inspiring and contagious spirit. April also offers opportunities for setting down new financial strategies that will pay off big in the summer. Work within a budget and windfalls will follow.
Lucky Days: 17- 23
Lucky Numbers: 18 – 45

AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th): Dig deep into your past to pinpoint outworn patterns that prevent you from taking chances. Ask yourself if those habits are holding back your creative nature. You’ve a natural inclination towards self-improvement, especially if that improvement allows you to assist others in some way. Honor your love of community be dedicating yourself to a new cause or stint at public service.
Lucky Days: 24 - 27
Lucky Numbers: 6 – 16

PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th): It may not be obvious to you, but with Jupiter, your ruler, transiting the house of transformation, deep forces are working behind the scenes to promote fortunate changes in your life. Any sweeping change that occurs now will be for the best–even if it involves a loss–and will make your life richer and more rewarding in the long run.
Lucky Days: 2 - 15
Lucky Numbers: 26 – 49

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