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Predictions Page
(which days will be your luckiest?)

Horoscopes for August 2014
by Frederick Woodruff / astroinquiry.com

ARIES: Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Think about the power of language this month. The words that you use repeatedly start to define and control your world. So, change them up! Learn some new ones. Purchase a vocabulary book and make it a goal to learn one or two new words each week. By the time winter is here you’ll have a whole new plot worked out for your life.
Lucky Days: 3-18
Lucky Numbers: 23-59

TAURUS: Apr. 21-May 21
: This is the month to declare: “Yes, I will. And yes I can.” Put that motto on your refrigerator. Employ all of your tenacity to meet your goal. August is the month you discover the importance of facing reality. This means you can discard the unessential and gather the tools you need to create a brand new you. But first you need to acknowledge the truth in a key relationship. That will set you free.
Lucky Days: 7-21
Lucky Numbers: 2-64

GEMINI: May 22-June 21
: While Venus moves through your house of the mind you’ll benefit by improving not only the poetry of your thoughts (by focusing on what is positive and what works in your life) but also by expressing to those near and dear just how much you appreciate their presence. Gratitude works like a magnet, and gathers to us more to be thankful for.
Lucky Days: 10-18
Lucky Numbers: 8-23

CANCER: June 22-July 22
: A big secret of the crab is her manner of keeping hidden her heart’s desire and then working slowly, steadily, to move circumstances in just the right way to reach her goal. But this month you’ll want to be much more direct. With Jupiter in your money house you want to act quickly and with clear intention, allowing your little crab claws to take hold of exactly what they need.
Lucky Days: 16-24
Lucky Numbers: 8-34

LEO: July 23-Aug. 23
: Both Venus and Jupiter—the planets of love and luck—move into your house of YOU! Given the chance, this pair will remake your attitude about life and your purpose in the world. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are light-bearers, they need to shine and allow their warmth to touch the hearts of those who move in their circle. This is your month for high wattage radiance.
Lucky Days: 2-22
Lucky Numbers: 14-54

VIRGO: Aug. 24-Sept. 23
: August finds you communicative and eager to share. Are you ready to express the grand plan that you’ve been incubating and finessing for the last three months? Good, because if anyone can teach us how to better organize and optimize the routines in life, it’s you. Virgos work best by going step-by-step, so please show us your finest dance moves.
Lucky Days: 1-21
Lucky Numbers: 3-19

LIBRA: Sept. 24-Oct. 23
: Living a self-centered life doesn’t inspire you. Sharing and cooperation are your touchstones. But I’m going to suggest you take the advice of Thoreau and commit fully to his words: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Allow yourself to stray from your tight bond with others, I promise you’ll be amazed with how everyone benefits in the end.
Lucky Days: 9-20
Lucky Numbers: 7-52

SCORPIO: Oct. 24-Nov. 22
: August is a month of trials and rewards. You can’t have one without the other as Mars and Saturn work their discipline in your house of self-motivation. Harness your potent willpower to a schedule and then stick to it, no matter the inconvenience. The rewards will be much greater than the small sacrifices you’ve made to honor your heart’s desire.
Lucky Days: 13-18
Lucky Numbers 23-60

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 23-Dec. 21
: Here’s a secret about Centaurs. They love to teach and inspire. If you’ve been hankering to show and share your many skills, August is the month to give the world everything you’ve got. Your optimism is lit up like a Christmas tree. Don’t squander your light on petty concerns or niggling doubters. Ignore the static and let your music turn into a symphony.
Lucky Days: 4-27
Lucky Numbers: 19-40

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20
: Saturn, your ruling planet is aligned with Mars, the dynamo of the solar system. Imagine the possibilities! And opportunities abound in August. But there’s a disclaimer: Don’t let the opinion of other’s disturb or undermine your concentration. You need every bit of your mental power to help unlock the big treasure chest that’s waiting for you on top of your mountain.
Lucky Days: 17-28
Lucky Numbers: 12-37

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 19
: Maturity teaches us that it takes a good amount of effort and a considerable amount of time to become an expert. And you have a strong urge to do just that: To be seen as an authority. So, your next step is to commit to a particular skill and then promote yourself wildly. This is the month to engage. Don’t put it off. We all are waiting for your quirky, innovative insights.
Lucky Days: 4-21
Lucky Numbers: 10-32

PISCES: Feb. 20-Mar. 20
: Feeling rebellious? Good! August is the month to honor your urge for a complete change of scene and routine. Disruption and uncertainty might be part of the deal, but so what. The secret to this move is to feel the love and support offered by friends and family – they are all rooting for you. Let their affection inspire your courage to break free.
Lucky Days: 6-9
Lucky Numbers: 21-39


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