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A Big Bingo Bonanza!

Dear Aunt Bingo:
My friends and I decided this past fall that we were going to start the New Year right—by winning a big Bingo jackpot sometime before the end of January. We figured it was great way to kick off 2018 and set in motion what we dubbed our “Year of Big-Ass Winning.” Plus, we knew that Bingo attendance got lighter during the winter, which also could boost our odds of winning sooner rather than later.
The plan was to make it through the holidays and then do a team Bingo marathon right after New Year’s. We would hit a bunch of small Bingo games as well as make a few casino trips. The goal was to score a win of $500 or more, which we would split four ways between us, and set in motion what we were confident would be lots more Bingo prizes in the months to come.
Something about this New Year’s plan got our Bingo juices flowing, however, and we found ourselves getting a jump on our plans by going to considerably more Bingo much sooner than expected.
We had a copy of your newspaper, and each time we met for Bingo we’d go through the directory and plot our next trip. An added bit of fun was picking games we’d never been to in other parts of town, which made us feel adventurous. When we branched out to these new neighborhoods we also scoped the areas for little local diners and restaurants to try out. It led us to some amazing food—Thai, Vietnamese, Polish and other nationalities. It was really fun.
We’re all pretty budget conscious and stuck with the smaller games, but by mid-November we were itching to hit one of the upstate New York casinos. We went with the closest one, piled into the car and were off.
Following our now usual pattern, we went early and had lunch at one of the casino bistros before heading to the Bingo room. The Bingo games were mid-session, so we went for a walk through the other gaming areas while we waited the 30 minutes before the next session started.
My friend Lisa wanted to do the slots, so we gathered around her to watch her play. On her third spin, the bells and whistles went off: Just like that she won $350! “Bingo’s on me!” she shouted and we all cheered.
We still had a few minutes to kill, and the excitement of Lisa’s slots win was more than enough for us all to take a seat at another bank of slots and play for a bit. We were getting close to the time to leave for Bingo, and I gave my slot machine one more spin. Bing Bing Bing! I won $200!
My friend Elaine clapped her hands and chanted: “The Year of Big-Ass Winning, the Year of Big-Ass Winning!” and we all laughed and began chanting with her. It was a little early, but we weren’t going to complain.
With two slots wins under our belts, none of us had particularly high hopes of walking away with any of the casino’s Bingo money, but we were all having a good time and headed to the Bingo room nonetheless.
The room was pretty full, but we did our buy-in and found some decent seats near the caller. We chatted and daubed away for a half-dozen games or so, when Lisa got quiet.
“Guys, I’m one away in two spots,” she whispered as we were playing through a triple Bingo.
“Get out, we’ve barely started,” I said, thinking she was just kidding around.
“I mean it. Look!”
Sure enough, she had daubed practically every number called so far.
“The Year of Big-Ass Winning, the Year of Big-Ass Winning…!” Elaine began saying, and we all started chanting again.
“Bingo!” The caller finally called O-61, one of Elaine’s numbers.
We all cheered. We were about to split $1,350!
Our plan had been to make 2018 the Year of Big-Ass Winning, but 2017 apparently had other ideas. Thank you, 2017!
JJ, New York

Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

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