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Reader Responses
 Enjoy Bingo during your retirement

Dear Readers: In last month’s column, I shared comments from readers who wrote in about a letter from a woman who recently retired and was now enjoying the freedom to play more Bingo. Her issue was that her retiree husband was complaining that she was playing Bingo too much and spending too much money on it. Following are more letters and emails from readers weighing in on the subject. —Aunt Bingo

Dear Aunt Bingo,
I cannot believe this woman is being put on the defensive by her husband because she wants to play Bingo. Good for her that she keeps track of her Bingo spending (everybody should!), but the reason should not be so that she can justify an activity to him. When was the last time she challenged him on how much he spends on beer or what a waste of money it is to have 10 TV sports cable channels? But she probably wouldn’t because she sounds much too thoughtful.
My advice to her would be to keep her budget to herself and not try and justify a single penny of her Bingo spending. What is important is that she knows her spending limit and sticks to it. —Melanie J., Illinois

Dear Aunt Bingo,
The husband who is bothered by his wife’s Bingo playing should be grateful she isn’t spending her retirement years hanging out at bars and going to male strip clubs with her girlfriends!
What does he want her to do? Sit home and stare at the walls? That’s a recipe for dementia, a rest home and an early grave if I ever heard one!
Hubby needs to borrow a page from his wife’s book and get out there and enjoy retirement. He needs to find his own interests and maybe come up with a few things they can do together. That is a plan that would have her in the Bingo hall less and enjoying his company more…by doing something! —AC, Georgia, via email

Dear Aunt Bingo,
When people retire there is a definite change to income and expenses that needs to be monitored.
My guess is that the man expressing his concern to his wife about how much she is spending on Bingo may have something to do with that—especially if he has crunched the numbers and is worried over a savings shortfall.
When your income flow changes with retirement, your initial assumption may be that there isn’t going to be enough money for the years to come. At first, a person may “adjust” by pinching every penny—buying day-old bread, shopping clearance racks and stockpiling 99-cents-a-pound chicken, for example—until he or she becomes more confident that the money will last.
I suspect that this is exactly where the husband’s thinking stands right now regarding his wife’s Bingo. He sees it as money being frittered away that should be saved for food, shelter and heat. For the wife, it is entertainment that enhances her quality of life.
She has a better understanding of what retirement can and should be—a time to go places and do things freely. He is stuck in a mindset that the only smart thing to do is sit in an armchair at home and not spend a penny more than absolutely necessary.
Eventually he will realize that this is existing, not living. Until then, she should stick to her guns and enjoy Bingo, and whatever other activities she wants to enjoy, as much as she wants, as long as she enjoys them within reason and keeps an eye on that budget. —Ray W., Washington, via email

Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

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