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An Avalanche of Bingos

Dear Aunt Bingo:
What is the most number of Bingos on one game that you have witnessed in person? This spring at BJ’s Bingo in Fife, Washington, there were 338 Bingos on one game.
The game was one vertical line Bingo plus one horizontal line Bingo on the same card. (You had to have both.) Well, the Bingo caller pulled 31 numbers, but still no ‘I’ ball. There were 13 Ns called, 6 Bs, 6 Gs and 6 Os. The 32nd number was I-23, and there were 338 winning Bingo cards.
It was so bad that the Bingo caller joked: “If you don’t have a Bingo, raise your hand!”
—James Metzler, Tacoma, Washington

Dear James:
In all my years, I’ve never seen such a thing happen. I’ve seen 10 or 12 tops, but never 338!
I am curious to know what the jackpot was and how they paid it out. Technically, all jackpots must be awarded, and I could see a handful of players demanding their 11 cents. (Hey, a win is a win!)
I also feel badly for those folks who didn’t Bingo. Can you imagine sitting there in a sea of jackpot sharers spread in all directions, and you are one of a handful of big fat losers who couldn’t even win a piece of a 338-winner prize?
That experience is enough to make you want to re-evaluate your entire Bingo-playing philosophy. —Aunt Bingo

Dear Aunt Bingo:
I wish the people at Bingo would do something about the parking.
Not all the places are a problem. A school where I play and also some churches have really big lots so you can park away from the crowd if you don’t mind walking a few extra yards—which I don’t.
But there are too many places that simply do not have enough room, which is bad enough in the summer and even worse come winter when the snow piles make the lots even smaller.
I think it would be good if the people who run Bingo could put a person or two outside to maybe direct traffic, keep things organized and stop people from parking every which way or taking up extra space. Arranging for extra parking somewhere nearby could be good too, seeing as most Bingo is in the evening when some places are closed for the night and don’t need their parking lots.
Bingo operations need to realize that something like parking, which they may not give much thought to, could actually be discouraging people from going to their games and mean less money for them.
—JG, via email

Dear JG:
I HATE cramped parking! And I have to confess, I am a terrible parker and often am the very person who drives you crazy with their crooked parking and space hogging. Please understand, it’s really not on purpose. I just can’t ever figure out when my tires are straight or at an angle during parking maneuvers, so I’m usually left at some weird angle that I just give up on and leave as is. Sorry.
You know what would be wonderful? A Bingo parking valet! Some nice fellow someone like me can hand his or her car keys to and let him deal with squeezing into those little spaces.
I often follow a trick I learned from a friend of mine who always gets to Bingo early and backs into a good parking spot that has two unoccupied spaces on either side. At the end of Bingo she stays in her seat and chats with friends for a while, and lets the lot empty out before she heads to her car. It’s a great system. —Aunt Bingo

Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

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