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Facing the Facebook Dilemma

Everyone is on Facebook these days. Companies big and small, your mother (uh oh), your mother-in-law (double uh oh), your kids (they’re embarrassed you’re here), your boss (triple uh oh), your co-workers (this could be bad, or good), and your real world friends, including those “fab” gal pals who make it their mission to post snaps of you taken when you’ve had too much to drink and decide you’re a really, really good dancer.

It’s hard to create a Facebook page for yourself that reflects your many “interests” yet keeps you out of trouble with everyone. While “everyone” is probably okay with the fact that you like to post photos of dogs dressed up in holiday costumes (sample below), your boss might not like to see that update you made about falling asleep at your desk, or how much time you spend on Farmville. And while your friends may love those too-too-tipsy shots of you shaking your groove thing, I can guarantee your mother-in-law will use this against you somehow.

Bunny doesn’t want a bland Facebook page, but, then again, Bunny doesn’t want to get fired either. If you have any tips on making Facebook work every which way for everything and everybody, through privacy settings, or creating separate profiles, or some such, post your comments here please!

Everyone loves a parade, sort of.

Everyone loves a parade, sort of.

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