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What a pain in the…

ouchFrom my new series, “I Refuse to Age Gracefully”…

Here’s what I’m shopping for today: Coccyx cushions.  My ass hurts, ’cause I sit on it too much.  So rather than get off my sore ass, I’m looking for a cushion that will allow me to keep sitting on that ever-widening part of my body.

Getting older sucks.  I’m thinking of wrapping what’s left of my betraying body in foam insulation.

I found a store not too far from here that sells them (and other “aging gracefully” accoutrements), so that’s where I’m headed as soon as I get off my rear.

I wonder if they have a GameStop near there?  I’ve been wanting to go by GameStop for a while.

I’m at an awkward age… GameStop and Ass Pillows.

- boots

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