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Can you really develop an edge – or is it all chance?


If you’re a gambler trying your best to make it pay – then you either need a steady winning strategy which utilises your superior judgement – or you need to be lucky.

The truth is that if you play games of chance for long enough against the house in an online casino, for example, you will surely lose steadily according to the laws of probability. There may be a couple of ways around this, though, which we’ll explain…

Firstly, it has been proven that if a player can count cards effectively when playing blackjack, and follow a steady strategy depending on the cards dealt to his or herself and the bank – then he or she can steadily win out. But this only works in real life casinos and it won’t work for long as you can be sure the house will get on to you pretty quickly of you keep coming back.

However – there is another way you can firmly stack the odds in your favour and that’s by steadily taking advantage of the welcome bonuses and other bonuses on offer – and then buy choosing your games and strategies carefully. The fact is that house margins are wafer thin on some games such as roulette and blackjack so by playing with the generous bonuses and by not doing so for too long – the odds may well be in your favour; for a while anyway.

Otherwise, it’s a matter of judgement. And there have been plenty people down the years who have managed to make a great living by gambling simply by exercising a superior judgement to the majority. Bookmakers have been doing this for years and they haven’t faced many punters who have beaten them consistently.

Of course, with the advent of the betting exchanges, we can all effectively be bookmakers today as we have the ability to back and lay bets – so if you really have some kind of informational edge in some way – having done your homework better than the rest, you can, in theory, make it pay. But remember; you still have to overcome the “house” margin / commission which averages around five per cent – so your judgement has to be just better than the majority’s.

What this calls for, then, is knowledge, insight and, above all, self-discipline. This all sounds easy in theory but is much harder to put into practice. So what you need to do is just that – namely, practice. Prove to yourself that you really can develop an edge and that you have the self-discipline to stick at it with relatively small amounts first until you’ve proven your system to yourself. Then – if all is going to plan – build your stake gradually.

Of course – one big alternative is to go “all-in” with the online casinos’ free bonuses in the hope of landing a one-off big prize and these do sometimes run into life-changing amounts. And the odds are far better than the National Lottery’s – particularly if you’re gambling with their money!


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