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Can you play free bingo indefinitely?

blg0723If you really set your mind to it – do you think you could play free bingo indefinitely? The answer’s probably no in reality – but it would be an interesting experiment and, of course, it all depends what we mean by “free”.

For starters, most of the best online bingo sites offer generous welcome bonuses – so it’s not technically free though, if you play carefully, you could leave that element of your own cash that you’ve deposited untouched. And all being well, this cash could then stay untouched while you play on for small stakes or searching out only the free games that carry with them the possibility of a real cash prize. And just in case you didn’t realise that was possible – it is, but only with certain online bingo sites.

32Red is one example of a big and reputable online bingo site which does offer free games with cash prizes and many other bonus features etc. You can always find at least one or two free games to play on 32Red bingo – and you can check the bingo schedule here to find out when the free games are exactly. Of course, you can play all the games for free in demo mode only if you prefer – but that’s not what we’re talking about here and these games don’t carry with them real cash prizes, of course. So instead, this is a purely hypothetical experiment to consider whether you could play ad-infinitum without spending any of your own cash if you so desired.

Playing free bingo games that carry with them the chance of an actual cash prize or, better yet, a progressive jackpot prize isn’t going to cost you a penny of your own cash. But it’s really all a question of self-discipline.

The reason the sites offer the free games is that they know we’ll get tempted in to playing other games with our own cash – in which the likelihood is that we’ll steadily lose money. Now depending on your viewpoint – perhaps this doesn’t matter? Many of the research reports from different online bingo operators seem to suggest that many of us play more for the fun of the games and the chances of socialisation they bring – as opposed to the serious expectation of making any kind of steady profit. But at the same time, we at least expect the chance to win a life-changing amount.

And on this score, playing online bingo is similar to buying a Lottery ticket. In other words, we know we are unlikely to make a steady profit by winning small amounts, but what keeps it fun is the ever-present possibility of winning the kind of prize that really would fundamentally change our lives.

So it is, theoretically, possible to play online bingo only with “their” money only if you were completely self-disciplined and you stuck just to the free games and you always maximised any bonus opportunities including introductory bonuses. But in practice – you may find this a little dull unless you’re a very robotic kind of player!


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