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cowgirls dream

cowgirls dream

Ok, I am so not in touch with any of those very nice kitchen ideal items of great splendor. I did get one of my dearest wishes as the local tomboy and had my very own Mattel plainsman gun n holster set. Complete I might add with bullets that would shoot plastic tips that you could snap into real-like bullet casings. Not to be too braggy but you also could put “greenie stick em caps” onto the bottom of the shell casing. And voila!, you had one of the most dangerous toys of our age…projectiles and explosives! Now I wouldn’t let any child or adult have one of these…lol… well maybe the holster, ┬áit was real cowhide! Roy and Dale would be proud, yipee kiyeah… well you know the rest….

Ya want kittehs?!

Just for you, bunny:


Haha, found the first page!

Here it is! Now I can rest better.

I am such a ‘tard.

- boots :)