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Goodbye Kitty, Hello Kitty! is now selling caskets, urns and funeral jewelry. I find this vaguely disturbing, but I’m not certain why. And can anyone please tell me what “funeral jewelry” is?!
According to Ad Age Magazine, Costco, Amazon and some place called Caskets2U (thank god they didn’t call themselves CastketsAreUs) also have an array of death supplies, including the “Mom Remembered” casket, with embroidered roses and and the word “Mother” inside the lid (um, folks, mom can’t read when she’s in there — better to put that on the outside don’t you think?).
Well, I’m holding out for branded funeral urns (36% of the people who died last year were cremated). Can’t you just picture how fabulous your ashes would look in a glittering “Hello Kitty” urn? Or a Burberry Urn with its own little trademark plaid scarf wrapped about it? Or best of all, for those who liked to knock a few back in their day, the Absolute Vodka Urn, shaped like the beloved bottle? People, there is money to be made here!