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Bunny’s Top Ten Highlights Of October Vogue


While I love a magazine that features fabulous frocks on six foot models and the current “It Girl” – editor Anna Wintour has managed to make Vogue so much more, without being celeb-obsessed (InStyle), preachy and desperate (Marie Claire), out of touch (Harper’s Bazaar), or vulgar (W). From books to body talk, from cinema to the stage, here are the top ten highlights of “my” October Vogue.


#10 Ivanka Trump’s new book, “The Trump Card.” Page 197. I like Ivanka Trump. Brains, beauty and now a book of career tips. Even though I read somewhere that she hunts foreign pheasants for fun, I still think she’s rather classy and does her mother proud. Book available at


#9 Knits from Page 178. Modeled by the exquisite Charlize Theron, the hand-made knits of Lutz & Patmos are made of environmentally friendly yarns and produced in environmentally friendly production facilities. If I were rich, I’d buy the Gauze Knit Poncho.


#8“Screen Test” article. Page 194. Concise article about the debate on when to start getting mammograms. Breast cancer articles are so frightening that I usually don’t read them; this piece, however, provides information in a level-headed way that makes you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat.


#7 Actress profile: Carey Mulligan. Page 196. A small feature on the up-and-coming actress who was so charming in “Bleak House.” Can’t wait to see her in “Never Let Me Go” – see #5 below, due in 2010, and this month’s “An Education,” with Peter Sarsgaard.

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#6 Michelle Williams Interview. Page 204. Michelle Williams has been a favorite since “Brokeback Mountain.” This interview is a sensitive look into the private life of a very talented actress, and manages to entirely avoid being crass about her connection to the late Heath Ledger.


#5 Ishiguro’s 2005 novel “Never Let Me Go” – mentioned in the article about Carey Mulligan, who will star in the film version scheduled for 2010 release. I bought this book about a year ago and hadn’t gotten around to reading it; now that I know that the book’s narrator is a (?!) (don’t want to spoil it for you) (oh my god how weird) I’ve picked it up again – and it’s fantastic!


#4 Photo of Karlie Kloss. Page 216. The 15-year-old, 5-foot-11-inch model of the moment in a truly wonderful shot (not the photo above). See a video of the very charming Kloss demonstrating her “death stare” at:


#3 Excerpt from the new book, The Queen Mother: The Official Biography by William Shawcross. Page 214. A sneak peak at what looks to be a revelatory royal biography. Available on


#2 Profile of Actor Jude Law. Page 250. Law is set to star on Broadway as Hamlet. With Photo of Law – need I say more. Different pic above for your amusement.


#1 Jeffrey Steingarten’s article about candy. Yum! The persnickety and fab Mr. Steingarten has whipped up a delicious piece about candy stores in New York City. Being a candy freak and a huge fan of Manhattan, I can guarantee you that the next time I’m in NYC, I will be visiting Dylan’s Candy Bar, three floors of every imaginable sweet. See a video at