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  • You can order these books by clicking on the one you want 
    (in association with Amazon.com) 

    Gambling Times Guide to Bingo 
    This is still the best over-all book available about Bingo, the game, it's history and origin, the odds and how to play. Written by Roger Snowden, president and founder of the Bingo Bugle. 

    Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently 
    Pretty straight forward 

    Basics of Winning Bingo 
    This easy-to-read primer shows readers how to play the many different versions of bingo and gives them an inside look at how to win money at this immensely popular game. 

    The Bingo Trap : The Bingo Addict's Bible 
    I haven't read this book but it sounds like it might be good. If you've read it, please drop me a line here. 

    Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling 
    OK, it's not about Bingo but it is a great book on how play casino games and win. Also, Henry is a regular contributor to the Bingo Bugle and I thought we could plug his new book. He really does know what he's talking about. 

    BuzzWord Bingo 
    The creators of the BuzzWord Bingo game have come out with a humorous look at the proliferation of new catch-words and euphemisms that clutter our talk and media every day. 

    Novels with Bingo in them: 

    Small-town fun with a cast of lovable eccentrics who play Bingo 

    The Bingo Palace 
    Painful and funny, this is a love story set on an Indian reservation. 

    If you know of a great book about Bingo, please e-mail me here


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