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Dream life vs. waking life

Dear Dream Lady,
I am always hot. I have been since I was young. In my dreams I am usually freezing cold and I end up being violent towards people when I can’t get them to “turn up the heat” or build a fire in the home I am visiting. In my dreams people are afraid of my temper because I am upset that their home is not warm enough for me. In real life I am not this way, nor am I cold in other peoples’ homes—only in my dreams. Why am I so rude and angry in my dreams?
Greta F., North Hollywood, California

Dear Greta,
Your dream is noted as a “contrary” dream meaning the coldness tells me you are comfortable with your life. However, your statement that you are temperamental and rude tells me those are aspects of your personality that you would like to remove. Another reason you might be this way is that your dream is a pressure release from your natural politeness in other peoples’ homes. This is not a dream to worry about. —Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
During the summers I enjoy going to circuses, not necessarily the ones with animals, but the acrobatic and fantastical types of circuses—often with lots of dancing in them. I am in the right city for that since they often perform in Las Vegas. My predicament is that I dream about being in a circus, but I am an extremely unhappy clown and I am mean to everyone I work with. This does not make sense to me (when I wake up) because I would think I would be pleasant in my dreaming life as well as my waking life. What gives?
Edward G., Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Edward,
Your dream is similar to the one above where your dream personality is different from your real-life personality. I offer similar advice. You apparently are so pleasant in your “awake life” that you need an outlet to be unpleasant. And, what better place than in your own bed and in your dreaming state of mind where no one else is hurt by your actions? —Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
My mother said I should not talk about dreams because they portray bad thoughts. Do you agree?
Lily B, Chicago, Illinois

Dear Lily,
Your mother is half right. Dreams often portray bad thoughts because one of their purposes is to allow people to dream dreadful things so it can happen in their dreams, but not in real life. By sharing your dreams with a close friend, you might discover things about yourself to help you know yourself. Maybe your mom does not care to hear about your dreams, but I think she would be fine if you talked with your friends about them. Ask her what is she afraid of. Maybe that will open up a healthy discussion for both of you. —Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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