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Trust issues
Trees may be a warning

Dear Dream Lady,
About two weeks ago, I dreamed I walked into a brightly lit forest surrounded by large maple trees that turned different colors as I walked. I was terrified because the trees, even though showing me lovely colors, had faces on the trunks that were angry, wildly laughing or somewhat mad. I woke up trembling and terrified and was barely able to go to work. Since that time I have dreamed everything to do with trees, but I wake up unsettled and shaken. What does this mean?
Sharon L., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sharon,
Trees have many interpretations, mostly good ones, but your dream tells me you are around people who you do not trust. You say you have difficulty going to work. Are your coworkers people whom you trust, or even like to be around? Or, are you an employer who is having problems with employees? This dream is a strong warning for you to be “on guard.” If you are an employee, be cautious of your co-workers, but if you are a boss, then hold regular staff meetings to determine what the problems (and solutions) are. Your dreaming mind seeks action from you. Do it.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I have been worried ever since the election about what is going to happen to me, and those I love. Lately, I have had constant dreams of drinking liquids from different containers. Sometimes I drink a cup of cocoa from a lovely mug, other times, I gulp wine from a tumbler (!) and other times I sip tea from a china cup or am swilling coffee from my trusty “morning mug.” I am unsettled and shaky. What do these dreams tell me?
Christine K., Titusville, Florida

Dear Christine,
Join the crowd! Many people are unsettled about the future. Your dreams definitely reflect that! As a rule, drinking from a mug, tea cup or wine glass are symbols of good health and happiness. In your case, it reflects the uncertainly you see in our country and the world. Hold the course to what you know to be morally right and speak out against injustice. I am not sure your drinking dreams will leave, but hopefully you will find peace as we move through this tumultuous year.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
So, should I worry about dreams of wild monkeys running all through my house at all hours of the day and night?
Darla M., Olathe, Kansas

Dear Darla,
Yes. Monkeys in a dream tell me you are entering a chaotic situation. Start by making sure you keep lists of chores to be completed at home or work so you can keep order in your life. Choose your conversations carefully. Only you can control the chaos by well-thought-out choices. Hopefully, the monkey dreams will end.
Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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Save 15% on delicious Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Fruits, Spa Gifts, Sweets, Treats, and more from! Use promo code 18BSAVE15





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