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Your New Dream Guy

Dear Dreamers,
Dreams remind each of us that life presents us with two different worlds that we navigate in unique ways. To make sense of our day-to-day life–how we interact with our job, our family and friends—we compose and tell ourselves different narratives to help us stay the course, to have a sense of order in our lives, to give our lives meaning.
But at nighttime, during our sleep, we enter a world where all bets are off. During dreamtime the part of our nature that is accustomed to running the show during waking time is “offline.” We are guided instead by the mysterious world of our unconscious mind. And the unconscious has its own stories to show and tell us. And that’s what we call dreaming.
Because the unconscious mind communicates to our conscious mind with images, colors, sounds and sensations that do not obey the law of physics, our dreams can seem wild, amazing, psychedelic and occasionally frightening; but always our dreams are an attempt by our unconscious to offer us hints or clues as to how we can live a richer, more balanced life.
The honoring and “reading” of dreams is an ancient ceremony that spans the long train of time and occurs within all cultures. So each and every time you have a dream you are participating in this sacred and mysterious phenomenon. The planet has been dreaming since the beginning of time. Welcome to the magic!
If I can impart one secret at the start of my time with each of you it would be this:
No matter how unnerving or thrilling your dream, always remember that the dream is a gift and should not be feared or taken as a bad omen. Even the most disturbing dream narratives are an attempt by the unconscious to show us something we might be missing in our busy lives. Be that a solution to a problem, a way to soothe difficult relationship issues, or basic facts related to our instinctive drives: our needs for security, safety, and love.
Having worked with clients for over forty years, many of whom have shared their dreams with me in the course of our work together, I can attest to the innate wisdom and guidance that comes from our dreams—if we can honor the dream and find ways to understand them, we will be rewarded with new perspectives, possibilities, and solutions.
For several decades each of you have been in the wise and wonderful care of this paper’s Dream Lady. I’m humbled and honored to assume the role of assisting you to find keys, hints or possible meaning from your dreams, just as she did for the past 35 years. Thank you, Dream Lady, for keeping the ancient art alive!
Some pointers for each of you:
• Dreams can be fickle and shy. But if you take the intention to engage with your dreams you will find they arise more readily and vividly. So make it a ritual to have a notebook and pen or pencil on your nightstand to scribble out notes or keywords that can help you recall your dream once you are fully awake in the morning. And then write the dream down while having your tea or coffee. Often people think, “Oh, this dream is so vivid, for sure I’ll recall it in the morning.” But then when they begin their day they have forgotten all about the dream.
• Hey, guess what? Men dream too you know. So guys, get out those notebooks and write out your dreams. Take a chance at letting another part of your nature offer you wisdom and insights you might miss otherwise. Send in your dreams!
You can mail your dreams to Dream Guy, P.O. Box 527, Vashon WA 98070. I cannot answer each dream individually, but those printed here will be given my best efforts.
I’m looking forward to helping you unravel one of life’s most fascinating pursuits—the reading of dreams and the symbolic guidance the dream might offer you. 
Sweet dreams!
—The Dream Guy

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