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Difficult Decisions
Make a list of pros and cons

Dear Dream Lady,
A few nights ago I dreamed about a woman giving birth to twins. No one sees me in the room. A baby girl came out with eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. Then a baby boy comes out with no eyes, nose, mouth, ears or hair. I asked the doctor “How is he going to eat?” The doctor said, “Through his belly button.” I asked the doctor, “How is he going to breathe?” The doctor did not know. What does my dream mean?
Amanda, La Marque, Texas

Dear Amanda,

If you have been reading my column, you know by now, that any person you do not know represents you in your dream. Your babies reflect the male and female part of your personality. It sounds like you are going through a tremendous conflict and you cannot rely on anyone for an answer—not even yourself (you are also the doctor.) I encourage you to make a list of Pros and Cons about your difficult decision. When the Pros are more numerous than the Cons, make your decision and stick by it, knowing that you have made the wisest choice. Good luck. —Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,

I was standing outside. Suddenly rain began pouring down my driveway ruining items in my garage and a small cabin I rent on my property. Lots of people, including my renter and ex-husband were huddled on the ground crying. No one knew where the water was coming from. After awhile it slowed down and stopped, but I was so shook up, I was late to work.
Tanya M., St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Tanya,

Your dream is interesting because your home was not damaged, but your garage and rental house were. A building symbolizes you, so the “inner you” (i.e. you home) is protected, but the garage that stores items and the rental cabin are damaged. The rushing water says you face almost insurmountable obstacles—perhaps to do with your renter and ex-husband? Keep a dream journal for the next month and see if you discover a pattern. I think you are in a “survival mode” of prioritizing what is important for you to keep your sanity. Your dream reflects your outpouring of turmoil. —Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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