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Emotional situation
Stuck in a downpour

Dear Dream Lady,
I am having a recurring dream. I am not a photographer, but I dreamed that not only I, but also I as a second and third person run around taking pictures of each other. This is a very confusing and I wake up disoriented.
Stacy K., Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Stacy,
Sadly, your dream does not have a good interpretation. Since you are taking photos of yourself, it tells me you are self-absorbed and everything is about you. Ironically, the idea that you are taking photos of yourself (times three) tells me you don’t trust yourself to make good decisions Are you involved in a change of job, home or a relationship? Your dream says you are. If so, you might consider counseling to learn how to trust yourself more, but if you don’t care that you are narcissistic (some people are fine with that), then accept the dream and move on as best you can. —Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I live in the south where we have extremely heavy rainstorms, but lately I have been having dreams where I am stuck in a downpour that soaks me to the skin in seconds and I simply cannot get dry. What is so weird is that I dream I am being rained on in my house, at the stores or when I visit my friends or parents. What is going on?
Randi Fae, LaMarque, Texas

Dear Randi Fae,
This type of dream tells me you are in a delicate emotional situation where if you express your opinions at all, it is likely to cause serious family or relationship troubles that will drown you in misery. In situations like this, it is best to keep your opinions to yourself and let the drama play itself out. Your dream is a warning so please listen to it. —Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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Save 15% on delicious Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Fruits, Spa Gifts, Sweets, Treats, and more from! Use promo code 18BSAVE15


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