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Dream Sister 

Dear Dream Catcher,
My dream involves a small dinner party where all of my family attended except for my older sister. When I asked my mom, in the dream, why my sister was not attending the dinner, my mom explained to all of us that my sister had joined a convent to become a nun. I immediately woke up. We’re not really a religious family. Any clues about this dream.
Cheryl E., Santa Barbara, Ca.

Dear Cheryl,
Family gatherings can often symbolize a coming together of different parts of the personality. Fathers can represent the part of our nature that deals with the outside world, places like our job. Mothers can represent our relationship to home life, nurturing and caring, because mothers usually have that primary function in a family. Siblings can symbolize almost twin-like traits that we most recognize about our identity, but with a twist–like in your dream your sister deciding to follow a religious path. Nuns, of course abstain from romantic relationships to foster a bond with a higher force or power that we often call God (or Goddess). I get the feeling that your dream, by bringing all of the parts of your nature together, is suggesting that you look at the value of solitude and quiet in your life, some of the activities we usually associate with a monastic life. Dream figures like this often show up when we feel hurried or overwhelmed with worldly concerns. One of the main functions of dreams for all us is that dreams act as a compensatory force, showing us ways to achieve balance in our lives, and this might be what the nun symbol is imparting to you. —Dream Catcher

Dear Dream Catcher,
I really enjoy your column. And I’m hoping to see more dream submissions from guys. This isn’t really a dream question, but I’m wondering why more men don’t submit queries to you. I’d really love to see what some of my fellow journeymen’s dreams are like. What gives?
Ben M., Syracuse, NY

Dear Ben,
Because I have worked with astrology, the Tarot and dream work for over 45-years now I might I have some ideas about your query. Women comprise about 90% of my client pool. Women are, generally speaking, more predisposed to seeking alternative methods for solving dilemmas and seem to have an easier time relinquishing control, so they can consider other options or approaches to life with more ease. Men, at least in Western culture, are usually given the impression at a very young age that they have to “keep everything together” and to “take charge and plow forward” in life, undeterred or influenced. This means they aren’t as versed in opening up the “unknown” or “mysterious” forces in life. That isn’t to say men don’t have the capacity for that kind of inquiry, it’s just that our culture doesn’t support it as much. I hope that answers you question in a way that is helpful. —Dream Catcher

Send your dreams to The Dream Catcher at P.O. Box 527, Vashon WA 98070. Not all dreams are published.

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