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Squawking Parrots
Don’t listen to gossip

Dear Dream Lady,
So, what does it mean when I dream of parrots? They are in a zoo, in my home, and at work. I can’t get away from their squawking.
Kerry S., Taylor, Michigan

Dear Kerry,
Parrots symbolize gossip and chatter – no surprise there. Your dream says you are the source of chatter and/or you listen to gossip. Either don’t spread gossip or don’t listen to it; then I suspect your dreams will leave you. --Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I had a terrifying series of dreams that I was drowning! In one dream I was in a small backyard pool. In another I was in a large swimming pool. In the third and fourth dreams, I was in a big lake and then the ocean. I dread going to sleep for fear of what will be the next place where I drowned. Should I get counseling?
Gregory I., Surprise, Arizona

Dear Gregory,
Drowning symbolizes being in “over your head” in something – usually financial, but you also might be weighed down by an unsatisfactory relationship or a project that is overwhelming you. Examine priorities in your life whether it is overspending or your relationships. Cut out things that do not give you fulfillment. If you are unable to do this, talk to a time-management consultant, or a counselor to help you focus on what is important to you. --Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I struggle with going to church weekly so it was no surprise when I dreamed of going to different churches. In my dreams, I attended little churches in small towns, glass palaces in large cities and gigantic churches like in the south. The interesting thing is that in each church I felt no friendship from any of the parishioners. I don’t recall hearing a sermon in any of the churches! I work up feeling lost. What does this mean?
Struggling in San Angelo, Texas

Dear Struggling,
Churches are viewed as sacred places of worship, peace, contentment and grace. They can also be viewed as places of judgment and damnation from which you need to be saved. The buildings symbolize you and, interestingly, so do the unfriendly people and the “invisible” pastors or priests. Since I don’t know your background, I suspect you are struggling to find inner peace. That cannot be done by “going” to church. Find something that gives you personal joy – often it is helping others, but it might be an unfulfilled goal such as a musical or artistic endeavor or a building project. Often it is when you look outside of yourself that you find the greatest joy. Good luck. --Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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Save 15% on delicious Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Fruits, Spa Gifts, Sweets, Treats, and more from! Use promo code 18BSAVE15


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