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Outside influences
Dreaming affected

Dear Dream Lady,
Lately, I have been having the weirdest dreams about ironing! In one dream I am ironing on a small island all by myself. In another I am sitting inside a Rolls Royce and the chauffeur has arranged for me to iron—and in yet another dream I am ironing in a cruise ship. I no longer own an iron so I am intrigued about these ongoing dreams.
Patty H., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Patty,
Your “ironing dream” tells me that an emotional burden will be released from your life. The island, Rolls Royce and cruise ship are all symbols of independence, comfort and wealth. Have you been raising a child who is about to leave home or caring for a loved one who will no longer need your services? Whatever the situation, there is light at the end of the tunnel so prepare to start enjoying your life. —Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
Maybe it’s because of all the upsetting news about the election, but I am having disturbing dreams about buying guns and hiding them around the house. I also dream of large dogs circling my home. I am not sure where this fear is coming from because I live in a safe neighborhood. I am more interested in how to get these dreams to stop since I think I know what they mean.
Carleen D., Long Beach, California

Dear Carleen,
Since fear is the consistent element in this dream, and since you live in a safe neighborhood, the dreams are coming from outside influences, most likely, TV news. Some people have their TVs on all day and, unfortunately, turned to the news channels where the worst incidents are featured. So, do not start or end your day with TV news. Try music or CDs you enjoy. Also, begin each day with yoga or a walk in your neighborhood and end with a book, music or magazine you enjoy. These techniques should help you. —Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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