Brave the Cold for Bingo!




Dear Aunt Bingo,

I love Bingo as much as the next player, but once winter hits I really find it hard to go out into the cold to go to a Bingo hall. What’s the secret? What’s the trick to ignoring the winter and slogging through the slush and mud to play Bingo, knowing that in an hour or two you will have to turn right around and go back out into the cold all over again?

—Chilly Lilly, Oklahoma


Dear Lilly,

Don’t be such a cold weather wimp. Slide on those long johns, put on that coat, climb into those boots and get out there! What motivates me to go to Bingo on cold, yucky nights is the knowledge that there are players like you who may decide to stay home, thereby increasing my chances of winning. Not to mention that there will be extra elbow and leg room, less noise, and a shorter line for the bathroom (woo-hoo!) and the kitchen. But the bottom line is the cash. Less players means better odds. —Aunt Bingo


Dear Aunt Bingo,

I have come to the conclusion that I am not lucky for myself—but am super lucky for anyone sitting with me or near me. In the last four months there have been seven people—two of them friends that were sitting at my table and five of them strangers sitting one table away—that have either Bingoed or won a big pull tab. It is driving me crazy. All this luck all around me but none of it working for me. Maybe I need to see a psychic who can turn this luck back in my direction.

—Lucky Loser, via e-mail


Dear Lucky Loser,

Maybe you should get someone to spread the word about how lucky you are and then rent out your services. Or you should buddy up with your friends and see if they will agree to split whatever pots the group wins. (Although they may already be wise to your situation and decline.)

I have received letters from other “lucky” players like you. Some express frustration, while others accept their fate as walking, talking lucky charms, getting a kick out of people turning to them and thanking them for a Bingo.

Consider that all the good fortune you are spreading out to others is bound to come back to you in one form or another. —Aunt Bingo


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Dear Aunt Bingo

Notebook and Pen