Seasonal Bingo




Dear Aunt Bingo,

Oh no! It’s nearing the end of summer! And with it comes the end of my wonderful Bingo season!

Unlike a lot of your readers, apparently, I do not play Bingo from fall through spring and less during the summer. I do the reverse: I am a very busy teacher and only get the chance to really enjoy Bingo during the summer school break.

It appears to work in my favor. I’m told the attendance at some of the halls drops up to 50% in June, July and August, which means less competition. Of course, it also sometimes means fewer games and smaller jackpots, so, like everything in life, seasonal Bingo, too, has its trade-offs.

So, as the sunsets over my Bingo summer, I wish you and all your Bingo fans a wonderful rest of the year playing Bingo. Think of me fondly as I trade my dauber for a red pen and my Bingo paper for 5th grade e-book reports. I’ll miss you!

—Carol G., Massachusetts, via e-mail


Dear Carol,

I feel bad for busy folks like you who have to cram their Bingo into pockets of time during the year and then give it up during others. I’ve heard from people who only play during vacations, others who only play when they visit family out of town, and some who only play when they participate in the Bingo Bugle’s World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise. (Although to be honest, if I could only play one week a year, I would definitely want to do it aboard a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean Sea!)

One benefit to only being able to play Bingo at certain times of the year is that it makes it even more special to you. As the saying goes: Eat chocolate cake every day and eventually you will get sick of it. Eat it sparingly and you will love it for a lifetime.

So, Carol, enjoy your last weeks of Bingo, and we will all think of you fondly as we continue to daub away for the rest of the year. —Aunt Bingo


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Dear Aunt Bingo

Notebook and Pen