Walking Around the Bingo Hall

Dear Aunt Bingo,

I was one of those people who never exercised. My life was house to car, car to work, work to home, dinner table to armchair, armchair to bed, then the next day it started all over again. I felt fat and blobby. I had no energy. I hated it and decided to make a change.

There was no way I could ever become one of those exercise fiends, and frankly, I didn’t have time to schedule regular visits to the gym. But what I could do is get up on my feet and walk—and it has changed my life.

Now at work I never pick up the phone to call a coworker if I don’t have to; I get up out of my chair and walk to wherever they are—whether it’s four offices or four floors away. At lunchtime, 15 minutes of my hour are for eating and the other 45 are for walking. At home after dinner, I walk with the kids through the neighborhood almost every night.

I also have incorporated walking into my Bingo. When we take a break halfway through the evening, instead of heading to the snack table, I head outside and walk around the building or up the street. I track the time carefully, so I never return to the Bingo hall late, and I feel re-energized when I return.

I’ve gotten a few other players to walk with me at a couple of the halls where I play. Other times, I’m perfectly happy to just walk alone. I’ve been doing this for five months now, and I’ve lost 14 lbs. with only minor changes to my diet and without another new exercise activity.

I thought I would share my story in hopes it would get other people to get up out of their chairs and start moving, too. It’s such an easy thing, and it will make them feel so much better.

Lady Legs, Massachusetts, via e-mail


Dear Lady Legs,

Excellent! As someone who has found herself spending more and more time plopped in the nearest chair, I appreciate your inspirational story. So many infomercials on TV show torturous exercise programs that I can’t imagine myself doing, so I pretty much ignore them, and dismiss thoughts of getting involved in any type of exercise. But heck, even I can walk! And there’s still plenty of nice outdoor weather to enjoy. I, for one, am going to give it a try! —Aunt Bingo


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Dear Aunt Bingo

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