Why are some Bingo Bugles Bigger?


APRIL 2021


Dear Aunt Bingo,

The Bingo Bugle newspaper in my town is nice, but rather small. When I was in Las Vegas, I found another Bingo Bugle that was huge, with lots of color and photos and many more stories than the one back home. How come it was so different?

Leslie S., New York, via e-mail


Dear Leslie,

The Bingo Bugle is a franchise newspaper with various publishers throughout the United States and Canada. It is very much advertising driven—meaning that sales of ads are what pay for the paper so that readers can get it for free.

Because advertisers support the paper, geographic location is a key part of how large or small an edition of the Bingo Bugle can be. In a large gaming city like Las Vegas, for example, there are hundreds and hundreds of potential advertisers, which means the paper can have more pages and more news because there are enough advertising dollars to support it. In Small City USA, where there may be no casinos and far fewer Bingo halls to contribute to the paper, there are less advertising dollars available to pay the bills, so the paper will be smaller than in a major metropolitan area.

What is fun to see, though, is how similar the Bingo Bugles are from city to city and state to state. I encourage readers to make a point of seeking out Bingo games and the Bingo Bugle during their travels and experiencing the interesting differences and commonalties of Bingo at home and away.

And by the way, should you see a particular Bugle feature or column during your travels that does not appear in your local paper (like the fabulous Dear Aunt Bingo for instance!), give your local publisher a call when you return home and request that it be added to your paper. The publishers appreciate such feedback from readers. —Aunt Bingo

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Dear Aunt Bingo

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