Share and Share Alike?




Dear Aunt Bingo,

I have a dear friend who is also a Bingo buddy. Every so often she will bring up the topic of people who play Bingo together and have an agreement that whatever prize money they win, they share.

It is pretty obvious to me that she would like us to do the same thing. But to be honest, she isn’t very lucky—I win more often than she does and would be on the losing end of the stick if I agreed to share our winnings.

I do not believe for a minute that she is trying to dip into my winnings because she does not win a lot. I truly believe that it is a Bingo buddy friendship thing and that she likes the idea of “partnering” because we are friends. But I simply do not want to do it.

So far, I’ve just kind of listened and nodded and changed the subject whenever the topic of prize splitting has come up. Do you have any suggestions about how to put an end to this idea once and for all?

—Single Winner, Nevada


Dear Single,

The reason the topic keeps coming up is because you have never clearly stated your feelings about sharing winnings. My suggestion would be that the next time the subject is introduced, don’t dodge it or change the topic. Simply respond that yes, you’ve heard about people doing this, but that it is something you do not understand and would never do yourself. This way you are rejecting the “idea” and not your friend, which I believe is your number one concern.

Personally, I would not wait until my friend mentioned it again; I would bring it up myself so that I am in charge of the conversation, and tell some kind of story about how sharing the pot caused a problem for you or someone else—which is why you wouldn’t do it. Your friend might disagree, but in the end, you can state flatly that it is simply something you would never do. Case closed.

Here is a little something else to consider. You say you have been lucky, and your friend has not. You know that luck has a way of shifting. Perhaps your winning streak is about to fade, and your friend’s is about to start. What an ideal time to begin sharing your winnings and tap into her good fortune! —Aunt Bingo


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Dear Aunt Bingo

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