Bingo Meanies and Belles of the Ball


JUNE 2021


Dear Aunt Bingo,

I know you get lots of letters from people who say that cheating is going on at their Bingo halls. Have you ever gotten a letter from someone who has been accused of cheating? Because that’s what is happening to me right now.

I have had some good luck lately. I also have a handful of friends and one relative that work at the Bingo where I have been winning. Two times now people have muttered sarcastic things just loud enough for me to hear suggesting that my bingo wins are suspicious and I have someone “helping” me win.

It is stupid and upsetting and is ruining my good luck and love of Bingo. I stand in line just like everyone else, I pay my money just like everyone else, I am handed my Bingo paper pads just like everyone else—I am doing nothing out of the ordinary that people could observe and say is suspicious and cheating. What would you do?

M.R.M., via e-mail


Dear M.R.M.,

My advice? Ignore it.

Hopefully you have Bingo buddies there who support you and know that you are an honest person who is having a lucky streak. And isn’t that what we are all there for? To win!?

These people who are accusing you are simply mean-spirited and jealous and are doing what they can to diminish your enjoyment at winning. If you give in to them, then they have achieved their goal. If you ignore them—safe in the knowledge that you are winning fair and square—then you have won, again, and they have failed.

There will always be unhappy people who can only feel good about themselves by dragging down those around them. They do not deserve a moment of our attention. —Aunt Bingo

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Dear Aunt Bingo

Notebook and Pen