Goodness Prevails


MAY 2021


Dear Aunt Bingo,

(This letter is in response to several points in a previous column about stealing).

First, regarding the woman whose dauber was stolen…I just wanted you and your readers to know that there are still honest Bingo players out there. I carry my daubers in a small metal lunch box to Bingo here in Las Vegas. I’ve lived here for 44 years and have been playing Bingo for that many years here. I was very upset when I was home and discovered that I had left the box on the chair at the Bingo parlor. I don’t play every day, but the next time I went the box had been turned in to the Bingo managers by a Bingo player and they remembered that it was mine, so they held onto it till the next time I went. I was very pleased.

Second, it was mentioned in another letter about monitors that show the Bingo ball as it is called. In Las Vegas now, you don’t see the “actual ball” that is called on the monitor; everything is done using a computer and you see a digital facsimile. Of course, if you want, you can sit up close to the caller and see the balls as they bounce around in the chamber.

I’ve never had any doubts that everything is fine with the new type of monitors. I did enjoy the older way better, but the world is all computers now. I just feel that some people are lucky at Bingo and others not. My husband was very lucky at Bingo. We would always play the same color of cards and the same amount and he would Bingo lots. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t.

Now that he is gone, I still enjoy playing Bingo, but will go months between winning and then usually will split with several in the room. That’s just Bingo. It’s still fun!

Name withheld, Las Vegas, Nevada


Dear Vegas,

It’s good to hear that your Bingo lunch box was returned to you. It had to be a huge relief.

Your story reminded me of the time I left a thick envelope of coupons at the grocery checkout and didn’t realize it until hours later. When I returned to the store, I was dismayed to see that the cashier was gone for the day but delighted when I found out she had turned in my envelope at the customer service desk where it was safely waiting for me!

These little experiences reinforce our belief in the innate goodness of our fellow human beings—something we need to keep in mind when the less good among us get up to no good. —Aunt Bingo

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Dear Aunt Bingo

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