It’s Bingeing Season Again




The weather is either cold, or cold and wet this time of year. We get the occasional sunny afternoon, so I try to devote that to the dogs, so they can run or play catch, or bark at the squirrels. But, as soon as the sun sets, we’re all indoors and it’s time to pick out which television program to start or continue binge-watching.

My brother is on his 9th run of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (that is not an exaggeration). I have watched him view the final episode of the series, then immediately begin the pilot episode… again. I’m just as bad, with my 20+ viewings of any random The Andy Griffith Show episodes on PlutoTV (a streaming channel we get via our Roku device). Sometimes these multi-viewed programs just serve as background noise, but sooner or later, we’re usually pulled in to watch the ending like it’s all new to us.

Speaking of PlutoTV, they have both an MST3K channel and a RiffTrax channel, which fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will immediately recognize. So, there’s more bingeing action right there. PlutoTV also has a Pet Collective channel which is chock full of adorable animals performing adorable antics.

Over on the broadcast channels, we set the DVR for any episodes of Jeopardy, as well as Young Sheldon, and Ghosts, to name a few. We’re in the middle of The Great on Hulu. The Great is a satirical, often dark comedy very loosely based on Catherine the Great. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, but if you’re an adult who likes that sort of comedy, I’d say give it a try.

It’s not just television programs that are binge-worthy. I’ve recently acquired a few boxes of jigsaw puzzles. It seems so “old school” what with all the phone apps and console games out there, but I sure am enjoying them. I finish one, break it down, put it back in the box, then fetch another from the closet. Thank goodness I didn’t sell that rickety old card table in the last garage sale.

Next, I kind of want to try painting rocks. It might sound silly, but I was reading neighbors’ posts on NextDoor about how they find these painted rocks with little inspiring messages or just a smiley face on backside—and I’d like to paint a few and leave them around the neighborhood or local park. That’s something I could deposit while walking the dogs (insert your own picking up dog deposit jokes here).

The last few years, I’ve spent the colder months working on crochet projects. I think I’ve crocheted about as much as I’m going to crochet for quite a while, so finding new hobbies and binge-y things is almost as fun as actually doing them. I was recently looking at wood burning sets until I realized I probably don’t have the skills for that sort of thing, plus there is no burn ointment in the house. Better to stick with things less likely to cause injury to myself or the house. I also browsed through a few paint-by-number sets. Don’t judge me! I think all I want to do is mess around with paint and brushes without all the “what should I paint” deliberations. Still, I didn’t buy any…yet.

Do you like to binge-watch shows or have some hobbies you pull out every winter? Or maybe you keep your hobbies going year-round. With me, as soon as the weather is sunny and warm, I tend to put away my hobbies, watch less television, and try to spend more time outdoors. Weather permitting.

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