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Whether it’s due to cold wet Winter days, or various viruses out there, we all seem to be spending an extraordinary amount of time in our homes. You’re done binge-watching your new favorite TV program, and you’ve read the entire Internet…Well, now what?

It’s time to have some fun!

What else brings a family together, or whiles away the hours for one person, like a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle? Probably plenty of things, but I’m starting a roll here. Who can resist passing by a puzzle in progress and not placing “just one more piece” in the right place? My favorite go-to place for jigsaw puzzles is Bits and Pieces (bitsandpieces.com), although Amazon has a nice variety as well. Jigsaw puzzles not your thing? Read on.

A few years ago, I decided to re-teach myself to crochet. I still have skeins and skeins of yarn to prove it. I was surprised how easy it was to reintroduce myself to the craft, with the help of oodles of YouTube instructional videos. Within months, I had several afghans and scarves stowed away for gift-giving and for myself. But, like everything else my short attention span tackles, it wasn’t long before I was on to my next crafting hobby.

Now, don’t laugh…Do you remember those potholder loom kits many of us had when we were kids? I bought one. Okay, I bought two, in different sizes. I don’t recall ever actually finishing one as a child, but as an adult, I had the patience to actually complete a good dozen potholders. The kits I bought were made by Harrisville Designs (harrisville.com). On their website, they have a “Potholder Design Wizard,” which will allow you to create your own potholder design, using whatever cotton loops you have on hand. It’s quite fun, and crafting a potholder doesn’t take much time, so you get the satisfaction of completing a project in one sitting. These cute little potholders go great with food gifts, or as a small gift with your offering at the next potluck, in case you find yourself with a surplus of potholders.

Needlecrafts are always popular, whether it’s cross stitch, or needlepoint, or latch hook kits. I’ve completed all sorts of needlecraft kits over the years. I’ve made pillows, wall-hangings, rugs—both to keep and to give as gifts.

When I’m out of ideas for crafting, or want to try something new, I head over to Herrschners (herrschners.com), and start browsing. Herrschners is like a giant online craft store. Of course, there are other online craft websites, but Herrschners is my favorite. Your mileage may vary. I might choose to paint something this time, or explore making my own soaps, or create some macramé baskets and placemats. There are crafts for every mood and interest.

This hermit-like lifestyle doesn’t need to be boring. Whether it’s the fun of games and puzzles, or creating something new, or even getting an early start on Christmas presents, we can all find enjoyable ways to keep our hands busy and our minds entertained.

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