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We all have our “comfort foods.” Dishes that make us feel good, usually because our mother or other loved one prepared them for us when we were children. Maybe you were ill, or feeling sad, or just having a bad day. That loved one might have made you a hot cup of cocoa, sat with you, and listened to your troubles. I remember dishes my own mother made me when I was sickly, like homemade potato soup, boiled eggs chopped with a tiny bit of butter, or chicken and rice. To this day, I still think of Mom when I’m chopping eggs (even though my taste for chopped eggs with butter has waned).

But it’s not just food we turn to when we’re sad or ill. We often turn on the TV, if only to keep our minds occupied with something else… something pleasant. I know when I’m sick, I don’t want to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre or even the news. The year 2020 has been so crazy that I find myself tuning into TV programs that soothe my soul, as well as provide a short distraction from current events.

You might call it “Nostalgia TV” or “The Oldies Stations.” Thankfully, there are several options out there. Of course, TCM offers a large variety of old movies and shorts—commercial free—and that’s usually the station I check first. But there are now more “Oldies” channels that may just fill that need as well.


MeTV: They call themselves “America's #1 Classic Television Network”. On MeTV, you can find classic television shows such as Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Adam-12, and Bat Masterson.


CoziTV: “In a Crazy World You Need CozyTV” is their current motto, and perhaps they’re right. CoziTV offers well-known classic sitcoms like The Nanny, Fraiser, and Roseanne—along with classic detective shows like Columbo and Hart to Hart.


Movies!: I like to call this channel “TCM-lite”. Movies! presents older films, with commercials, all day and night. Although I usually prefer the films on TCM, I can often find an old favorite or hidden gem here.


H&I: H&I stands for Heroes and Icons. You’ll find a little different programming here as opposed to the usual classic sitcom-heavy channels. Shows such as Black Sheep Squadron, Rat Patrol, NYPD Blue, and Star Trek have found their home on H&I.


AntennaTV: One of the more popular classic TV stations, you can find many familiar family favorites, like That Girl, Murphy Brown, Bewitched, and Diff’rent Strokes on AntennaTV.


So, when you find yourself in need of a little nostalgia, or a few hours of “feel good TV”, check out one of the stations above. Maybe it will soothe your soul as well, if even for a little while.

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