TGIF — Thank Goodness It’s Fall


As a famous commercial once said (sang), “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Of course, I’m talking about that old Staples Back-to-School commercial.


I LOVE FALL! I suffer through every Summer, just to get to Fall (or Autumn, if you’re being all fancy-like). Wasn’t this Summer a doozy? Where I live, it was a rare “cool” day when the temperature didn’t top out in the triple digits. It was as if our city was afflicted with a perpetual fever, week after week. I don’t even want to talk about my utility bills.


This old lady still smiles knowing she doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow. A happy moment I’ve been reliving for 40-some odd years. We live close enough to an elementary school where I can hear the kids at recess, if the weather is clear. Many mornings, I’ll sit on the porch, coffee in hand, and just listen to those early sounds of the day—the kids at recess, the birds that haven’t moved South yet, folks driving to work, the train off in the distance. It’s a good time to reflect on today, yesterday, and tomorrow—or on nothing at all.


I’m not particularly fond of pumpkin spice, but I know a lot of people are. I once had a pumpkin spice donut that I liked, but other than that, I usually pass on pumpkin (heartburn) spice. Now, I do enjoy the abundance of all things apple. Apple cider, apple donuts, apple cake, apple cobbler, apple butter and so on. Those items aren’t limited to the Fall, but I seem to enjoy them better once the cooler weather sets in. Maybe it’s tradition, or maybe it’s my body craving seasonal tastes, but come September my lemonade pitcher becomes an apple cider pitcher. And predictably, our Fall meal plans include more stews and roasted dishes, and less cold fare such as green and/or pasta salads.


I hope your city is like mine. September brings in so many fun events at our town center. Along with various back-to-school activities, we have craft fairs, food tasting pavilions, gardening events, and the decorative gourds begin to appear (we’ll be seeing those through late November). Oh! I must remember to get some iris bulbs for the front garden this year…and a crepe myrtle for the backyard.


On the household front, it’s time to gather the Fall and Winter clothes from storage. I hope my fleece wear and collection of sweaters hasn’t shrunken in storage. Hey, it happens. No, really. Stop laughing. It’s also time to call my HVAC people and have them check my furnace for the colder months ahead.


For me, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a nice pause from the sweltering heat of Summer and the upcoming Winter holidays. I feel like the Earth is giving everyone some “me time.” I’m going to sit back and enjoy mine and I hope you can do the same.

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