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Star Luck Fortunes




ARIES (MAR 21st-APR 20th): Consider applying limitations to focus on what’s most essential to you this month. This will streamline your efforts with any new projects. This means surrendering to scheduling and conscious slowdowns. Your nature prefers spontaneity, but this is a month for metered progress.

Lucky Days: 4 - 13

Lucky Numbers: 51 - 55


TAURUS (APR 21st-MAY 21st): Sometimes, we need to trade simplicity and order for a little chaos to shake things up creatively. Don’t dig in your heels and resist the urge for a radical makeover. You’ll benefit most this month by scheduling time out in nature—your earthy disposition finds the rhythm of organic life a source of rejuvenation.

Lucky Days: 2 - 23

Lucky Numbers: 7 - 14


GEMINI (MAY 22nd-JUN 21st): This is a great month to channel your keen mental skills into solving mysteries that might appear irrational or off the beaten path. Much of the activity we initiate in life comes from our unconscious and the secrets it guards. Consider starting a dream journal to keep track of the guidance that’s arriving from the nocturnal world.

Lucky Days: 9 - 11

Lucky Numbers: 33 - 45


CANCER (JUN 22nd-JUL 22nd): There’s pressure throughout the month to abandon your comfort zone and jump into a new social circle. Use your intuition to guide you to like-minded peers. Moods can be inspirational, but you can’t always count on them to galvanize your willpower. Let your empathetic nature guide the way.

Lucky Days: 12 - 29

Lucky Numbers: 6 - 23


LEO (JUL 23rd-AUG 23rd): Your royal demeanor makes it difficult for you to engage with the common chores of life. But you’ll benefit by taking a more down-to-earth approach and stepping down from your throne. February finds you working with the small details, making repairs on your home (and health), and allowing yourself to experience the wisdom of humility.

Lucky Days: 4 - 7

Lucky Numbers: 3 - 15


VIRGO (AUG 24th-SEP 23rd): February finds you ready and willing to move from caterpillar to butterfly. As exciting as this sounds on principle, it can be unnerving for the shy maiden to place herself directly in the limelight. Take your time. We’re eager to hear your insights about efficiency, frugality, and applying common sense to complex problems.

Lucky Days: 11 - 29

Lucky Numbers: 9 - 29


LIBRA (SEP 24th-OCT 23rd): Your skill for discovering harmony and beauty in the most unlikely places is unprecedented. Your love of order serves you well until it doesn’t. Then, you surprise everyone with your argumentative side. Alas, even those bursts of vigor are in service of striking a balance. Don’t be afraid to tip the scales occasionally.

Lucky Days: 7 - 21

Lucky Numbers: 45 - 51


SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV 22nd): You radically depart with tradition this month—then live to tell and share your newfound wisdom with the rest of us. No sign understands restructuring and rebirth better than yours. Life is a continual cycle of constant endings and renewals. Make that motion into a standard for yourself now.

Lucky Days: 3 - 11

Lucky Numbers: 29 - 32


SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23rd-DEC 21st): Small details bore you, and you’re much more interested in teaching than being a student. But the most effective instructor is someone who, at heart, still harbors the curiosity of a novice. Allow yourself to surrender to the movement between these two poles of wisdom—you’ll feel more satisfied and inspired.

Lucky Days: 17 - 19

Lucky Numbers: 45 - 48


CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th): You prefer building slowly to reach your goals. But this month has a few surprises on the home front that will force you to upend your usual approach. Don’t get waylaid by the shift. Pay attention to what family members tell you; someone from that group holds a key that will open the door to your dreams.

Lucky Days: 2 - 15

Lucky Numbers: 17 - 40


AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th): Take a long look behind you. It’s time to reevaluate past accomplishments. Reconnecting with former victories instills the confidence to jump forward with enthusiasm and hope. The catch is that you’ll need to discard dead wood. Study carefully what’s been weighing you down, and then make a clean break.

Lucky Days: 4 - 17

Lucky Numbers: 20 - 31


PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th): You swim into the month with a slightly skeptical, more thoughtful approach to your aims. You prefer solitude and time outs to recalibrate your sensitive psyche, but now it’s time to see what committing to your community will accomplish. Great minds achieve more through camaraderie and combining forces.

Lucky Days: 18 - 19

Lucky Numbers: 8 - 9

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by Frederick Woodruff

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