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ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): We usually try to avoid feelings that we don’t understand, but this is a time to confront your fears and make efforts to bring more clarity into your life. Remember: A tree’s branches reach as high as its roots go deep. And it’s the hidden side of life that will offer what you need most now. Trust your intuition.

Lucky Days: 9 - 13

Lucky Numbers: 6 - 44


TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): Your sensual nature is the strongest of any zodiac sign. Never underestimate the wisdom (and poetry) of your body! Find ways to increase your connection to the natural world this month. Plan trips to the beach or the park. Work in the garden. Fresh air and sunlight will do more for you than streaming another series on Netflix.

Lucky Days: 2 - 22

Lucky Numbers: 19 - 49


GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): The puzzle you’ve been working on all summer is ready to reveal its solution on the full moon on the 31st. This makes for a happy occasion, especially when you apply your new insights to a job or a creative pastime. Bringing a project to conclusion affirms your ability to prevail against niggling setbacks and doubts. You’re ready to celebrate on Halloween.

Lucky Days: 1 - 31

Lucky Numbers: 8 - 26


CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): Give yourself some time away from the incessant hubbub of the internet and social media. Once free, you’ll notice how much living online can sap your energy. Apply your mind to new studies or hobbies that can enrich your spiritual life. The universe is preparing you for a major revelation at the end of the year.

Lucky Days: 8 - 18

Lucky Numbers: 34 - 50


LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): People count on your point of view to feel inspired and uplifted in life. Your generosity towards others reminds the people around you that kindness will always win the day. The more you offer hope, the more life offers you support and guidance in unfounded ways. Yours is the way of the open heart.

Lucky Days: 23 - 26

Lucky Numbers: 3 - 19


VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): Find new ways to rejuvenate your love life. Sometimes you need to pull back and soften or edit your critical appraisal of others. No one likes to be judged so pointedly. And yes, it’s true, you do have uncanny insights into how others can make improvements, however, keep those appraisals to yourself.

Lucky Days: 8 - 20

Lucky Numbers: 4 - 54


LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23 You’re not alone in sensing that it’s time to build a new world and life. Everyone has been pushed to the limits this year. But it’s Libra’s job to remind each of us how to find and maintain harmony and a new order. The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are often the same. Use your keen sense of balance to apply the right combination of discipline and freedom.

Lucky Days: 19 - 28

Lucky Numbers: 4 - 16


SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22): You are stuck in the middle between boredom and agitation–with a pressing need to overhaul an existing relationship. You need to find the sweet spot between upheaval and the status quo. But don’t deny what your intuition is whispering in your ear about having more options, it’s critical that you honor that wisdom.

Lucky Days: 9 - 11

Lucky Numbers: 2 - 17


SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23-DEC 21): Because many of your romantic ventures turn quickly into friendships, you might be surprised when an ongoing relationship deepens in passion. Prepare yourself for that romantic ride. Should you be single, this is the month to step up your efforts to find a mate. Your magnetic nature is broadcasting its allure far and wide.

Lucky Days: 13 - 24

Lucky Numbers: 5 - 53


CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 20): The full moon on the 31st offers an important insight on the difference between risk and change. You’re often reluctant to make sudden moves that would threaten your security, but this is the month to overhaul your finances. Put in motion measures that will bring you the extra income that you need, don’t hesitate and find yourself backed into a corner at the end of the year.

Lucky Days: 9 - 30

Lucky Numbers: 8 - 39


AQUARIUS (JAN 21-FEB 19): October is a month of trials and rewards. You can’t have one without the other as your ruling planet, Saturn, is the great equalizer in the cosmos. That means you will gain as much as you exert. Apply this formula to a new creative enterprise. The rewards will be much greater than the sacrifices you might make along the way.

Lucky Days: 5 - 18

Lucky Numbers: 54 - 55


PISCES (FEB 20-MAR 20): The planet of energy and agitation is making a long pass through your house of money. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand there can be a prolonged period of upheavals related to finances, but then you are being forced to make critical decisions that will ensure your security in the future. Consider it a roller coaster ride instead of an ordeal. In the end you’ll win the ride’s gold ring.

Lucky Days: 10 - 24

Lucky Numbers: 4 - 33

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