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ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Jupiter in your sign prompts you to remove any and all barriers toward self-expression. This is a new 12-year cycle, so make the most of it. You’ll get maximum mileage when you invest energy into fighting for a good cause. The full Moon on the 10th illuminates the dance between inspiration and application and finding just the right balance between the two.

Lucky Days: 9 - 21

Lucky Numbers: 4 - 35


TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): A no-nonsense month for you where you’re able to bring stability and consistency back into your life. As you continue to review and rearrange key relationships, keep in mind that stating simply, to others, what you want is the surest way to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to disrupt or distance yourself from mergers that aren’t supporting your greater truth.

Lucky Days: 17 - 23

Lucky Numbers: 3 - 19


GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): This month you’re willing to jump straight into a world of new people and novel pastimes. Consider original ways to express your insights and inspirations to others. You’re a natural born communicator and folks love your unique spin on the ways of the world.

Lucky Days: 18 - 25

Lucky Numbers: 40 - 43


CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): The full Moon on the 10th enlivens the imagination and amplifies your psychic sensibilities. You have an uncanny way of swaying events with your command of vibes and moods. Consider how any idea or vision is always the frontrunner to any 3-dimensional creation. Thoughts are truly things.

Lucky Days: 6 - 21

Lucky Numbers: 17 - 23


LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): The universe seems to be pressing you into a corner this month. Options might appear limited right now but see if you can change your attitude to one of compliance rather than resistance. You’re being trained in the art of finetuning. By focusing your energies on one or two key goals and acquiring the support you need for success, you’re sure to come out on top.

Lucky Days: 1 - 12

Lucky Numbers: 28 - 51


VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): A full Moon on the 10th pushes strong emotions to the forefront. Anxieties and fears need to be acknowledged, honored, and then, finally, set aside. Trust in your ability to bring order to existing upset or chaos. But keep your new revelations to yourself. As Pablo Casals once noted: “The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.”

Lucky Days: 8 - 12

Lucky Numbers: 33 - 50


LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23): Most unhappiness is caused by comparison. Be watchful this month that your ideas of perfection don’t kill off your enthusiasm for new projects (or potential relationships). Presently you’re being asked to step into the other person’s shoes. Try to strike a balance between independence and compromise. If anyone can manage this arrangement it will be you. You’re a natural charmer.

Lucky Days: 11 - 30

Lucky Numbers: 34 - 48


SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV 22nd): September promises to be bustling with new ideas, plans and solutions. And you’ve a strong desire to communicate your discoveries to the world around you. In the rush of enthusiasm, don’t neglect already up and running commitments. Try to pace yourself and bring the right amount of attention to each effort. Your innate spirit of intensity will serve you well.

Lucky Days: 9 - 28

Lucky Numbers: 6 - 23


SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23rd-DEC 21st): Author Charles Tart wrote: “If you are seeking pleasure more than truth you run the risk of distorting your perspectives.” The full Moon on the 10th exaggerates your desire to escape to greener pastures. See if you can bring some form of meditation or contemplation into your daily routine, to put everything in balance.

Lucky Days: 9 - 10

Lucky Numbers: 29 - 34


CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th): Your attention keeps toggling between trust and doubt. Focus on what’s wonderful about your goals. That way there’s less time spent worrying about the ways and the means. You’re a committed disciplinarian, use your focus and drive to make your objectives a reality. The money will follow.

Lucky Days: 9 - 12

Lucky Numbers: 34 - 54


AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th): It’s never an effortless ride when Saturn is in your sun sign. But consider the ways that you’ve developed and grown. The past 14 months have afforded you clear insights about your innate abilities. The more certain you are of your skill sets, the more confidence you’ll exude. Confidence is always an attractive attribute to be in possession of.

Lucky Days: 9 - 19

Lucky Numbers: 3 - 56


PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th): Mars sets off a pressure cooker effect in your horoscope this month. A slew of contradictory forces zip around your psyche. Establish some definite time outs to ground yourself and decompress. Consider rearranging your home environment. Throw out the clutter and make space for, well, empty space.

 Lucky Days: 7 - 22

Lucky Numbers: 5 - 50

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by Frederick Woodruff

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